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"People" is a section dedicated to individuals whom I admire and who inspire me. Young entrepreneurs who have a way of juggling their professional and personal lives with style and grace.

Tara caught my attention at "Music in the Park" two years ago.  She's an energetic, very stylish mother of two adorable little girls.  We have a similar lifestyle and click immediatly!  When she told me that she was starting a business, I was impressed and very eager to learn more. At her official launch, I instantly fell in love with her beautiful jewelry and I've been hooked on BettyRay since.  I'm very happy to be covering this story of two talented partners starting a homegrown business.


It Takes Two: The Bettyray Story

Like most good things, Bettyray came from a need. They always say girls want to have fun, but Bettyray founders Emmie & Tara felt that women should too. They then set off to build an e-shop that would provide working women and mothers, who don’t have time to comb the market for that perfect piece, with  an eclectic line of jewelry.

Bettyray is also a family affair.

With that desire to curate well designed and easy to wear products, Bettyray is the personal project of these two women. Having worked for major fashion retailers their whole careers, two estranged cousins found themselves side by side amidst the hustle of one label’s product department. As if meant to be, Emmie & Tara found in each other similar values and sense of style, as well as the desire to start something smaller and of their very own after having each had children. Two of their children were born on the same day, Betty & Ray are their middle names.

mademoiselle jules tara bettyray


Her style, her essentials, her favorites, …


Your Inspiration : To be fashionably comfortable, effortless but still look put together.

Your signature : skinny jeans a sweater and statement necklace



Top : knit sweaters, plaid shirts, blouses, cool sweatshirts

Bottom : skinny jeans; JBrand, AG, Black Orchid

Evening : Leather JBrands, Parker Blouse and Bettyray statement necklace or earrings

Lingerie : Hanky panky and Gap body (boring I know…)

Swimsuits : VIX

Coat : Michael Kors and DVF

Bag : Goyard Tote, Annabel Ingall Tote, Alexander McQueen Satchel

Heels : Saint Laurent

Flat : Sandro Leopard high tops

Sunglasses : Prada tortoise-shell frames with a hint or purple, or Tortoise-shell ray ban wayfarer

Watch :  Cartier

Accessories: Bettyray, vintage

Fashion stores : Zara, H&M, Holts, TNT, 1861, Aritzia

One Fashion trend you aren’t sad to see go ? Acid wash



Hair : Georgia at Deauville, makes hair look fabulous and it lasts

Skin : Spectro Gel, Kiel’s moisturizer

Makeup : Nars, Chanel and Armani

Mascara : Lancome baby dolls

Fragrance : Hanae Mori

Beauty routine : moisturize all the time

Workout routine : Ballet bar, running, pilates, TRX (I am a gym rat, love it all).

Spa : facials are a must at “Estee Linda,” have been going to her since I was 12

Mani & pedi : Sandra nails



Restaurant : Liverpool House

Coffee place : Starbucks (am hooked)

Brunch : Beauty’s

Lunch place : National for kale salads or Pizza Napoleatana with kids

Movie : Been more into TV shows lately like: Game of Thrones, Breaking bad, Homeland

Music : Am all over the place, love new but also love oldies like the Beatles

Book : Most recent book I read and loved was “The Chocolate Money” am also loving Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook- “The Can’t Cook Cookbook.”

App : Love the Montreal Parking App! So helpful

Instagram : Love all!


Songs to …

Dance : Love Timber with Pit bull and Keisha

Cry : Everybody hurts- R.E.M old school

Fall in love : One love- U2 and Mary J. Blige

Cheer you up:  Call me baby because my girls, 2 and 4 years old, always sing along and break into hardcore dancing

Sing in the shower : Don’t really sing in shower lol

Listen in the car : Florence and the Machine

To relax : Luminieres


mademoiselle jules bettyray emmie


her style, her essentials, her favorites, …


Your Inspiration :  easy, casual & comfortable

Your signature : a basic white ribbed tank top…I wear it under everything!



Top : basics are best

Bottom : are there bottoms that aren’t jeans?  J brand (currently obsessed with boyfriend jeans)

Evening : whatever I was wearing during the day and just add lipstick

Lingerie :  Agent Provocateur

Swimsuits : J Crew

Heels : I can’t walk in heels, I stick to flats!

Sunglasses : searching for the perfect pair

Watch : Cartier

Accessories: currently obsessed with statement necklaces

Fashion stores : I’m online shopper (Aritzia, J Crew, Madewell)



Makeup : Nars

Lips : Vaseline and lip gloss

Mascara : bad gal by Benefit

Fragrance : iris nobile (acqua di parma)

Beauty routine : I don’t really have one and I don’t workout


Culture :

Restaurant : Lucca, always delish!

Lunch place : Sushi Kim (best sushi in the city!)

Drinks : Baldwin Barmacie

Music : I’m a top 40 kinda girl

Book : ashamed to admit it’s been a while since I’ve read anything great

Instagram : OBSESSED.

Mademoiselle Jules

Photography by Patricia Brochu