Breathe it in with Guerlain
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Despite my love for all things fashion and beauty, my lifelong sensitivity to perfumes has totally excluded me from this world. When the time came around for Ogilvy’s Fragrance Preview, I couldn’t believe how much there was to know about creating the scents that become peoples’ signature. I was swept away by the whole presentation and could’ve sat there for hours listening to the history, art, and science of it all. For their rich past, opulent & artistic bottles, but primarily their exceptional scents, the brand that truly caught my attention was Guerlain.

I instantly fell in love with l'Eau de Cologne Impériale, a perfume fit for a queen that originates from 1853. It was the first custom-made scent by the companies’ founder, Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain, which he created for Empress Eugenie’s marriage to Napoleon III. She was ultra sensitive to perfumes and had a tendency towards getting migraines anytime she indulged, so Guerlain created this subtle and fresh fragrance with strong notes of bergamot, neroli and petitgrain. The scent got her majesty’s approval and was warn by several other royals making it the quintessence of luxury fragrances!

The bottle was inspired the imperial emblem with tile patterns inspired by the Vendôme column in Paris. It is adorned with 69 bees, a symbol that is pivotal to the brand and a signature feature in bottle collections throughout centuries. Upon request, you can also have your initials incorporated for an ultra regal touch. 

photo by Maison Ogilvy

photo by Maison Ogilvy

My absolute favorite scent is the Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain. As the name suggests, it has citrus notes with a hint of basil & green tea making for intensely fresh and sophisticated fragrance. The golden, bee-inspired bottle couldn’t be more stunning and it’s perfect for women who are scent-sensitive.

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Since my girls have been old enough to walk, they’ve always loved to sit and watch me get ready, from hair and makeup to getting dressed. They want to know about and mimic everything that mommy does, so my new obsession with Guerlain also peaked their curiosity. It was time to introduce them to the world of perfume with none other than Petit Guerlain. Its sweet, delicate scent is the perfect blend of orange blossom and white musk. My oldest loves to wear it when we all get ready together and my youngest sprays it on her favorite teddy – leaving a sweet trail everywhere they play.   

Petit Guerlain on blog Mademoiselle jules at Ogilvy

Photography by Patricia Brochu

Happy New Year with Guerlain!