Nude Nails
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In the fashion world, nails have become just as important as the outfit, shoe, bag and accessories. With more and more colours and designs, lengths and shapes, shellacs and gels to choose from, the choice can be daunting.

No matter how complex things can get, Rouge Nail Bar is always to the rescue with their manicurists on the forefront of nail trends advising me on what to try next!

The nude nail has been popping up everywhere and it’s become one of my favorite looks. A neutral nail always looks polished and prim, but best of all; it elongates your fingers for a dainty and feminine effect.

Nude polish also goes with pretty much everything you’ll wear for ultimate ease and style. I like pink and sandy hues like these from Trust Fund Beauty, especially on tanned skin.

My favorite nude shellac colors are: Naked Naiveté, Clearly Pink, Nude Knickers, Bare Chemise, Powder my Nose, and Dandelion.  If you like a bit more pinky nudes go for : Romantique, Negligee and Beau.

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nude nail fashion trend blog post mademoiselle jules blogger

Photography by Patricia Brochu