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It's no secret that I love buying skin care products, and much to my husband's dismay, I tend to be a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to managing how many items I have. My medicine cabinet is overflowing with creams, lotions and potions so when I heard about Valmont, I was naturally curious because I had never heard of them before and I thought I knew all the high end beauty products on the market. I stand corrected!  


Valmont calls themselves the Swiss Cellular Skin Care Experts. Here's a little info about them: Since 1985, Valmont has been helping women and men master the visible signs of aging. The brand has surrounded itself with the best experts to create extraordinary product ranges, all subtly combining refinement and anti-age efficacy for the face, hair and body. Heir to traditional Swiss medicine, the company draws from the best unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland and latest cellular cosmetic research findings to formulate utmost anti-aging skin care products. The brand propels the benefits of a medical heritage, combined with the power of modern science: faithful to the original concept of cell therapy, Valmont searches within the cell core for the molecules with utmost anti-aging properties: Triple DNA, ARN (a yeast extract), collagen, hyaluronic acids... with dedicated benefits: Triple DNA and RNA strengthen and stimulate aging cells, counteracting external damages and rejuvenating tissues for a plump, radiant and healthy glow.

-Collagen – used for the first time in its 100% Pure and Native form – restructures and improves skin’s texture

-Hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights fill wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

-Organized around Beauty Rituals, our daily regimen features complete sets of day and night programs to address all skin conditions.

Since actions speak louder than words, I dedicated an hour of my day (which felt great and was very relaxing) at their beautiful spa in Old Montreal with a facial. And oh what a facial it was!!! Each and every one of their products smelled divine, not to mention the aromatherapy that accompanied the facial. I completely fell in love with their rejuvenating collagen mask that makes you look 10 years younger AND the sensation of the mask once it is applied feels, well, sensational! But what really helped me zone out and appreciate my decision to give them a try was their signature "Butterfly Movement" used to apply their products. The beauty technician is not positioned at the top of your head, but is facing you and uses a series of rhythmic movements that leaves the skin both awakened and rested and you in turn feel relaxed yet invigorated the whole time. It feels like your beauty technician is a maestro conducting a symphony on your face. Definitely worth the experience.

Sidebar: After your treatments, the spa has a makeup station where they use Kevyn Aucoinmakeup and they also have and Italian parfumeur called Il Profvmo where you can spritz yourself with their glorious smelling perfumes. My coup de coeur were Bambu and Voile Blanche.

Floating on air I left the spa calm and composed and carrying a little bag with a product that will most probably make me actually get rid of all the other products in my medicine cabinet. My husband will be so happy! That product is the Valmont DETO2X Cream. It is literally a breath of fresh air for the skin. 

If you trust my opinion and simply want to take my word for it, this Detox Cream is the BEST of the BEST of the BEST!!! It is hands down one of the finest creams I have ever tried and although it is a pretty penny, it is SO worth it! For those of you who enjoy reading the specifics and technical reasons behind the the best cream ever, please read the following paragraph.

DETO2X Cream asserts its cleansing, oxygenating and detoxifying properties. While cleansing with water leaves the skin with an irregular texture and a lack of oxygen, DETO2 X Cream eliminates impurities for a visibly healthier and smoother epidermis. A veritable skin refining treatment to purify cells immediately and lastingly. DETO2 X Cream’s airy texture encloses an ingenious detoxifying complex to refresh the complexion. A sophisticated blend of a perfluorocarbon derivative and a nasturtium plant extract, Valmont’s O2  Complex releases oxygen deep within the cells while evacuating excess CO2  that accumulates in the skin due to pollution. Swiss apple : a miracle of nature celebrated by science. A miracle of longevity, the Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple brilliantly thwart the effects of time. This jewel of nature is renowned for its remarkable qualities of preservation, defying the passing months by maintaining its smooth, plump, firm and rounded form. Valmont extracts the essence of the Swiss apple, using its stem cells to complement the effects of DETO2 X Cream: cell renewal is boosted, cell longevity is enhanced, and the skin aging process is held back.


That last line is what every woman wants to hear about their face cream and let me tell you that I have been getting compliments about my skin since I began using it. This, dare I call it, miracle cream, makes a fantastic gift for the holidays for someone you cherish or simply a gift from you to you. What is also a gift is that Valmont sells their products at Holt Renfrew! Score! They also have events called "Beauty Boudoir" where you can go with your girlfriends and try each and every one of their products from A to Z. You literally sit at a table with a mirror and go through their whole beauty routine while their beauty technicians explain their 4 rules of anti-aging and guide you through the experience. What more could a girl want! 

Valmont mademoiselle jules beauty blogger cosmetic

So even if you are a product hoarder like me or fiercely loyal to a brand you have been using for years, Valmont has been effectively fighting the signs of aging for 30 years with immediate, visible, long-lasting results and they definitely plan on continuing 30 more.