Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff with fashion blogger mademoiselle jules

"The Morning After" - My Intimate Lunch with the One and Only Rebecca Minkoff

Being among the 12 guests at the Tudor Room of Maison Ogilvy this past week was a major highlight of my blogging adventures thus far.  I was the lone blogger amongst a short list of established print media lucky enough to share a rare and intimate lunch with the one and only Rebecca Minkoff; someone I consider to be a pioneer in redefining how the world will come to experience fashion.

my intimate lunch with Rebecca Minkoff with fashion blogger mademoiselle jules mlle

Minkoff, a San Diego native turned New York based accessory apparel and handbag designer, began her career with a simple yet iconic "I Love NY" t-shirt, which was hugely successful. Her sequel was and continues to be a fan favorite: the highly coveted "Morning After Bag", which leaves its carriers with the perfect design to hold everything they need for their dreaded walk of shame to work.  Her typical customers are 18 to 35 year olds who mark their sentimental moments with the purchase of a new bag a handful of times per year.  Among her 3 favorite designs are the "MAB" morning after bag, the mini MAB cross-body with removal strap, and the zipper clutch.  I too love the design and practicality of the zipper clutch and had mine monogrammed by her artist friend Kate... 

Maison Ogilvy carries all of Rebecca's faves along with several other styles and a wide array of guitar straps, which are currently trending out of control.  I for one am coveting the "Midnighter Large Messenger" in white... I believe it is Mother's Day on Sunday!

Minkoff's popularity continues to rise exponentially because she is very much in touch with the spirit of our Instagram generation.  Rebecca describes herself and her brand as boho-rock meets downtown-romantic, a look that massively appeals to her followers and fans, myself included, and is reflected in her Uber hip and ultra-wearable spring/summer collection.  She was the first designer to produce a full on "see-now-buy-now" runway experience, laden with influencers and artists of all shapes and sizes, rather than the typical cast of models seen parading the catwalks of her contemporaries.  By reinventing this runway wheel, Minkoff empowers all women and gratifies our millennial-like appetites instantly.

Rebecca, a mother of 2 young children (5 and 2), is candid, sincere, and strikingly beautiful.  When I asked what she finds the most challenging, her answer, which rings true for so many of us, was trying to juggle her career and family.  She attributes much of her success to abiding by one cardinal rule: surround yourself with people who know.  She recognizes that she can't navigate every aspect of her business well and sticks to what she does best.  Hearing her share her experiences left me with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.  I have no doubt that she is the real deal.

mademoielle jules wearing rebecca minkoff leo clutch in silver fashion blog

I was so thrilled to meet Rebecca once again the following day in Brooklyn, NY, where she talked branding strategies to hundreds of ladies and continued to inspire and empower at the Create & Cultivate conference.  

silver clutch rebecca minkoff by mademoiselle jules fashion blogger

What's next for Rebecca Minkoff? Perhaps she will inspire an Italian revolution when her new showroom and storefront open in Venice, Italy this summer!

Photography by Patricia Brochu