My Top 5 Candles

Something people don’t know about me (except my close friends and husband, of course!) is that I love candles. Candles are a part of my evening ritual, they’re featured at my family movie nights, they’re my favourite hosting gift, and recently, candles are part of my newly acquired meditation practice. I know a lot of people love candles for decorative purposes or for the smell they give off, and don’t get me wrong, I love all that too. But I truly love the relaxing effects of candle lighting, and the soft flicker that gives off a sense of calm.

apotheke bath.jpg

I have a few favourite scents. Since I keep the candles on my makeup desk, night table, living room coffee table, and basically every surface in my house (you get the point!), I like to buy candles that are set in a beautiful glass jar or a unique tin, just to add some colour to the space.

I’ve had a candle obsession for years and have accumulated a ton of favourites. Safe to say that I have some serious candle experience, and so I’ve curated here for you my Top 5 Candles:

Feu de Bois


I think a scented candle is such a thoughtful gift. Most dinner party hosts are treated to flowers or wine, but I think there’s something so special about a candle. I’ve personally gifted the Dyptique Feu de Bois on more than one occasion (guilty as charged!). It has such a nostalgic blend of wood crackling on an open fire. Think cold winter day, snuggled under a big cozy throw, huddled together with your loved ones on the couch, taking in the scent of warm flames.

Le Labo

Santal 26

Fashion has its cult followings, but so do candles! The Santal 26 scent is a cult classic – aristocratic yet gentle. I really love the smell as much as I do the brand in general. Committed to cruelty-free, vegan, and GMO-free production, their entire collection of candles is soy-based with cotton wicks. Truly non-toxic, which makes this my favourite centrepiece for family movie night. Popcorn popped, movie cued, cut to me lighting candles to set the mood!

santal table.jpg

Le Labo

Cade 26

cade night table.jpg

I discovered this candle when I was in NYC staying at the Public Hotel. Le Labo created this scent specifically for them and legit, they hit it out of the park with this one! Deeper and smokier than the Santal 26, the Cade 26 decorates the room with its apothecary look – tin can all crinkled up. I really love everything about this candle, especially that it was custom made. OMG! what I would do for a custom scent! Hmm, that just got me thinking…


White Vetiver

The Apotheke White Vetiver candle smells like the great outdoors, adventure included! I love this scent, it just makes me feel like I’m surrounded by nature. I light this candle by my bed or at my makeup table as I get ready and I just breathe in sophistication along with a twist of possibilities. One amazing thing about this candle is its longevity, I swear this candle can burn forever! It has a 70-hour burn time so it’s definitely worth the money.


Peyote Poem

I think I may have a slight obsession with the Byredo brand, or maybe just the man behind the brand. He is honestly an enigma! Ben Gorham takes familiar scents and makes them his own, which makes his collection so unique. My favourite right now is the Peyote Poem, it has a hint of spice and cloves along with juniper berries. The smell is so transformative, it gives the room a full sensorial experience. Lighting the wick, watching it flicker, smelling the deep aroma, listening to the crackle; so many elements to create such an amazing vibe. I always have this particular candle burning while I’m up at my country house.

byredo night table.jpg

Candles are great for so many things: decoration, gifts, aromatherapy, setting the mood, and so on. But for me, candles are an incredible way to relax. I look forward to the soothing effects of candle lighting every night. In fact, I never have my phone with me in my bed, I keep it in another room to charge while I sleep. On my night table, you can always count on three things: a book, a cup of hot water with lemon (that I usually only drink in the morning!), and a candle.

My latest ritual is meditation. Here’s what I do to disconnect:

Light a candle.

Meditate (deep breathe) for 2-3 minutes.

Give gratitude for all that I have.

It seems simple, but the nightly routine really calms me. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!

Photography by Patricia Brochu