My Top 5 Beauty essentials at Holt Renfrew
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No matter how long the winter, and it has been a long one, spring is sure to follow. So to celebrate the warm and sunny days ahead I would like to talk to you about my Holt Renfrew beauty essentials. 


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The Swiss Cellular Skin Care Experts and heir to traditional Swiss medicine, the company draws from the best-unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland and latest cellular cosmetic research findings to formulate utmost anti-aging skin care products. As you all know, I am a fan of their products, especially their Detox Cream. It is hands down one of the finest creams I have ever tried! DETO2 X Cream eliminates impurities for a visibly healthier and smoother epidermis. Its airy texture encloses an ingenious detoxifying complex to refresh the complexion and with cell renewal boosted, cell longevity is enhanced, and the skin aging process is held back. So thumbs up to that! 


2- SOLEIL BLANC by Tom Ford

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I just had to write the description of Soleil Blanc word for word because when I was learning about the product and reading up on it, the description was so enticing and inviting and exactly what I was looking for so: 

Inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year and one day seamlessly blends into the next, Soleil Blanc is an addictive solar floral amber alive with seductive refinement and refreshing decadence. The captivating fragrance wraps a bouquet of white floral in a golden, amber-sandalwood embrace. 

It also has Bergamot, Cardamom Oil Orpur, Pistachio Accord, Ylang Ylang Comores Islands, Benzoin Extract Orpur and Coco De Mer Accord. This is my go to vacation scent and the absolute first item I pack in my suitcase. Without fail, every trip I go on, this goes with me!

3- Charlotte Tilbury FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW and Dolce Vita eye shadow

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Even though you cannot purchase Charlotte Tilbury makeup in stores in Montreal (yet), that doesn't stop me from using and loving her products and Holts makes it happen because you can order online from them. Her brand has taken up my entire makeup case! Not only does she have beautiful makeup, she has an award-winning skincare line as well. One of the products is my case is the Dolce Vita bronze and copper toned eye shadow palette. These colours take you from day to night, can be used alone or blended together and work with every skin tone. It has actually become one of my favourite gifts to give to my girlfriends because of the fact that it looks great on everyone.

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Now, on a more serious note, if I were stuck on a deserted island (maybe not serious, but this is a fun game to play) I would bring (along with my Soleil Blanc of course!!!) the Filmstar Bronze and Glow face sculpt and highlight palette. This magical product slims, sculpts, shortens, trims and highlights your features for fabulous red carpet ready facial framework. Yes, I know that I said I would bring it to a deserted island, which means I will probably be alone, but a girl can look good for herself can't she????

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When I love something, I tend to stick with it for years, even decades, and this is true when it comes to Dior's Lip Glow Color Reviver balms. I have been a fan since it was first released in 2009 and this natural and comfortable balm has been a constant fixture in my makeup bag time and again. This tinted balm has colour reviver technology, which makes the formula react to the pH level of each person's lips releasing the active ingredient and providing a natural flush of customized pink. It is also infused with mango butter for 24 hrs. hydration making it silky smooth and extremely comforting on and for the lips. This balm really and truly is my favourite and now Dior has created 10 new shades so head over to Holts to see all and try them all.  For more info on this favorite of mine click here.

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5- ERASA XEP 30 serum


I got the chance to meet the iconic supermodel Linda Evangelista and my idol since the 90's at the launch of the Erasa skincare line at the Holt Renfrew in Toronto for which she is the creative director. Erasa is an entirely new and luxurious skin care concentrate, clinically proven to help erase not some but all visible signs of aging including the smoothing of deep frown and expression lines and crow's feet previously only available by injection. What I like about this product is that a little goes a long way! Erasa is concentrated, so 2 to 3 pumps are all you need. It can be applied under your daytime moisturizer or your night cream and even under your foundation as it makes a great primer for makeup and will make your makeup last longer although it is said that over time you will find you will need less and less due to your perfect-looking skin.

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So there you have it. My Holt Renfrew Spring/Summer beauty essentials. With just one visit to their store or a simple click of a button to order online, you can get everything you deserve and desire. 

Photography by Patricia Brochu