Maison Marie Saint Pierre

Walking down Howard street during New York Fashion Week, all you see is street style photographers waiting to catch pics of influencers, celebrities, and fashion bloggers. And, what a sight it is. Everywhere you turn there is someone wearing something fabulous – NYFW is the time when people can finally wear that foot-long bow in their hair or the cowboy boot with pom pom socks. Anything goes! Basically, NYFW is when you let out your inner fashionista and show what you’re really made of. Safe to say I pushed the boundaries this week and really lay it all out there. I had some bold looks and some eccentric details, and my outfit by Maison Marie Saint Pierre was no exception.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre has been around for 30 years and is based out of Montreal. It was such a seamless opportunity to have her dress me for Fashion Week, especially since one of her stores is located in Centre Rockland - it was the perfect way to make my ode to our very own Rockland! I love representing our local enterpises and artists, and Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s talent beams with intuition and innovation. There is so much about her line that captivates me, but the elegant tension between art and technology is what most inspires me.


Typically, Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s collections are stacked with black. She isn’t known for a colourful palette, so when I saw the pink and the red, I was immediately intrigued. Sculptural and experimental, Maison Marie Saint Pierre adds so much dimension to her cuts and silhouettes simply by adding a little touch, like a line from the neck to the hem; a line that offers structure with a twist of sensuality.

Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s Spring 2019 collection shows movement that picks up on that spring breeze. Her fabrics are asymmetrical, dishevelled, and super-imposed, and the pieces show red on white and pink on red, over-sized tunics in contrast with short-sleeved jackets, gingham patterns, ruffles and ruching. All that, and I’m only describing one look! Sounds like a lot, but it all presents with a minimalistic tone paired with an overall bohemian vibe.


Stomping New York pavement to hit PR agencies and meet-and-greets, this red on white look offered the perfect intermingling of structure that invites playfulness; it really expressed my character. The gingham dress has a unique wearability, perhaps for its over-sized cut or perhaps because I know this dress will move beyond this one season – it was the perfect dress for Fashion Week and the colour attracted the light in the perfect way. Having such a technologically innovative outfit really gives that extra photo power!


I had a few looks for Fashion Week and I loved them all for different reasons. Typically my style lends to a feminine appeal, form-fitting and sophisticated in that effortlessly sexy kind of way. But, something about this red and white tunic really drew my eye. The hand-frayed raw finish of lace at the hemline is so dramatic in an understated way – it adds a detail that pares down the dress and makes it a touch more accessible. Then, pair the dress with an even more colourful (yet monochromatic) puffy-sleeved jacket for added drama. For some reason, throwing more colour from my matching purse, little sockettes, and open-toe red sandals didn’t take it over the top. Instead, the whole thing just worked!

I loved setting the look against a concrete background. Something about the darkness would make you think the colour would hit you in the face, but the opposite happened. The grey and drab background lent itself to show the tension between winter and spring; that moment when seasons shift and the light pierces through. Speaking of seasons…


When I was fitted for my dress, I got a sneak peek at what’s coming for Maison Marie Saint Pierre and I have to say that summer shopping is looking good. They’ve got a collab coming up with Shan – swimwear with the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship of two fantastic design houses. I can’t wait to see what my poolside attire has in store!

I have to say, all in all, this look, and these photos, really elevated my NYFW/SS19 lookbook. Thanks Maison Marie Saint Pierre!