What do a pyramid, an immersive-experience and an entertaining night out all have in common? They are all part of the PY1’s latest project as Montreal’s hottest summer spot! Launching in June, Lune Rouge Entertainment has developed one of the most spectacular adult playgrounds complete with multi-sensory shows, high-tech visual projections, electronic music, and theatrical creations.

mademoiselle jules PY1 lune rouge

As I spent most of my adult years immersed in the music scene and night-life here in Montreal, I have long-since called many of the people from our club-crawling and music world my family. Always at the forefront of the entertainment industry, inventing, creating, and changing the way we interact with the world, Guy Lalliberté—one of Montreal’s pioneer’s in the show business (think Cirque du Soleil)—together with his company Lune Rouge Entertainment, has cultivated an experience that will blow the lid off anything you’ve ever done before.

So, what is this incredible marvel all about? Well, the theatrical show Au-delà des échos / Through the Echoes, designed by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont is a 60-minute multimedia show that immerses the senses and suspends reality as we, the audience, take centre stage to explore all possibilities of our dreamlike journey to the end of the universe.

Alongside the powerful storytelling experience, are the 7 immersive and thematically developed rooms. I wasn’t too sure what all that meant, but just imagine a room where instead of observing art, you are part of the creation of that art. It’s all about interacting with and being part of the experience. Letting your imagination run wild and in a certain sense, it’s kind of like getting to be a kid again, because in a child’s eyes, anything is possible!

Being part of the campaign brought together some old friends from the scene and industry as well as some new faces I’ve come to know through the blogosphere. Costumes, makeup and music brought us all together in anticipation of the official launch of the nomadic Pyramid – yes, nomadic, the Pyramid will be hosted here in Old Montreal at the Clock Tower and will go on to travel after the summer festival season.

I’ve always been a serious music lover and I am just obsessed with discovering new great DJs and talent in the music world, so one of my favourite aspects of the PY1 is that after the memorable experience of Through the Echoes show, any of the given 7-immersive venues morph into a next generation nightclub where over 70 local DJs will be featured throughout the summer months every Friday and Saturday night.

I have yet to visit the structure and I honestly cannot wait (I’m off to the official opening June 5!) I got a sneak peek into the rooms and what they’re all about, but there’s nothing like getting a chance to do something different together with friends – it’s like traveling through time and space, or even more than that… through the wonderful world of our collective imaginations! Sit tight and let it all go!

Photo credit Jimmy Hamelin