Billie Boutique: A Shopper's Paradise

Montreal has a bunch of incredible independently-owned boutiques that bring in some of my favourite lines and designers. One of my favourite neighborhoods in our city for such shopping is Quartier Laurier, and whenever I go around there I always hit up Billie Boutique. in the The street reminds me of my youth and just spending long summer days walking around and getting lost in the enchanting area. It’s one of the streets that makes me feel like I’m in Europe, partly because the vibe, which is not something one can fabricate nor explain, and partly because of the boutiques. Well, in 2005, when Billie Boutique opened its doors, Laurier’s well-known reputation for being one of Montreal’s greatest shopping destinations was kicked up a notch (or 10!).

Billie Boutique gets a ton of press, and rightfully so. The boutique is sophisticated yet playful, timeless yet trendy. Kind of the perfect combo of all the things I personally love about fashion. Véronique Laine, the owner, has a flare for fashion; her eye is impeccable – she carries some exclusive brands, and she takes the time to select some of the best pieces from each collection. That’s what makes her store, hands down, an easy place to hit up to find anything from denim (like Paige, JBrand, Mother) to leisure (think Wildfox, Joie) to night looks (Alice & Olivia, Birgitte Herskind, Iro, Michelle Mason) or daywear (Equipment, Autumn Cashmere, Velvet and let’s not forget MISA Los Angeles & Black Suede Studio).


If you follow my IG stories, you’ll notice that I spend quite a bit of time at Billie Boutique trying things on and finding my next favourite outfit. Laine curates a lookbook that rivals top industry stylists. Legit, she’s got the magic touch. I also quite love the boutique itself. Some spaces just give you that yes feeling, and this is one of them. Soft colours and intuitive layout juxtaposed by the merchandise… if you are walking by this store, there’s no way you won’t be enticed to peek your head in.


Laine has built up a loyal following, so when she and her friend Ariana Lescop decided to venture into the land of children’s fashion in 2016, her clientele flocked. Billie the Kid offers quality clothes so that we can capture the fleeting moments of our children’s youth. I’m a gushing mom, so put one of my kids in a cute outfit and the tears inevitably flow. They carry a range of brands that size from 0-12 years old. I love the Chloe stuff and Coccoli, they also have Lili Gaufrette, K-Way, Yosi Samra, Whistle & Flute, and so much more.


Montreal has always been a great shopping city with its fashion-forward city vibe, so Billie Boutique really just fits right in. Giving us yet another one-stop shop for all our fashion needs, whenever I go to the Laurier area I always make sure to pop my head in and well, shop!

Photography by Patricia Brochu