Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick

What can be better than YSL lipstick? YSL Volupté Plump-in-Color lip balm. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, not just in name, but also in its plumping effects! Yves Saint Laurent came out with the lips in lipstick a while back, but this season, they came out with the black heart plumping sensation lipstick that moisturizes, volumizes, and adds shine & colour to your lip. Like I said, a mouthful.

Each colour has its place in my roster as I like to switch up my look depending on what outfit I’m wearing. Sometimes I look at those women who are nude lipstick only or rock the red lip every day, I’m just not one of those chicks who has her staple look. However, when it comes to makeup, I do have one requirement: I like to keep my lips happy, because you know what they say about happy lips? Big smile.

Keeping things playful and unpredictable, I like to try new things and be adventurous when it comes to both clothes and my beauty routine.


I definitely love a nice solid pink lipstick. The YSL Dazzling Fuchsia is a true pink – it matches my colouring perfectly, especially if I’m doing a soft pink blush. Blondes and pinks, it’s kind of a thing (lol!). I pair pink with evening wear like a black cocktail dress or a floral pattern, but sometimes I dare to be different and smear on the pink with a neutral day look. Kind of makes a statement, don’t you think?

Then there’s Insane Pink which is slightly softer but still kind of fills the same function. They both work with my tones, but if you can only grab one, you’d have to try them both on to see which works best for you. The colour is luscious and lasts all day. They all also have this tingling peppermint oil that is formulated to plump up your lips, so it’s kind of like temporary fillers (my favourite kind of lipstick! Haha!)


The multi-tasking lipstick comes in one of my other favourite shades, Exposing Coral and Delirious Orange I love a bronzed look, and nothing pairs better with a sun-kissed tan than a little tangerine. I love mixing corals with khakis or a denim look, and of course, if the outfit is right, an evening dress. I love that YSL lipsticks all have hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture as well as coconut oil to nourish my lips. They’ve figured out how to make the ultimate lipstick and I am obsessed.


Finally, good old trusty red. Never leave home without a red lipstick, because you never know when you have to glam up. No matter what you’re wearing, even a pair of ripped up sweats, throw on some red lipstick and bam! All of a sudden, you look fabulous. The Lunatic Red has a cool blue undertone so it picks up on purple in my skin (I know it sounds weird, but we all have a ton of layers to our skin, which gives up that multi-dimensional look and helps us match our colour palettes for a more harmonious and balanced overall effect).

Voluptuous lips? Check. Hydrating formula? Check. Rich colour? Yup! No wonder I got 5 colours! Yves Saint Laurent hit it out of the park yet again… I didn’t doubt them for even a second!

Photography by Patricia Brochu