Top 5 Tinted SPF BB Creams

I guess I’ve always known the perils of sun damage, and of course, whenever I would go on a vacation I would bring sunscreen with me to protect against the hot sun. But it’s probably only more recently that I’ve integrated into my daily skin care routine, and by daily, I mean, every day. Literally. Sometimes, I even apply more than once a day!

Hot vacation sun isn’t the only dangerous UV-charged sun out there. The sun can present danger while skiing down a snowy mountain just as much as it can bathing poolside. Perhaps it’s age or perhaps it’s children, but I am adamant about applying my sunscreen and making sure that I am being as safe as possible when I play outdoors. Aside from the potential health concerns that the sun can inflict, there are also the visible signs of aging that it expedites… visible signs such as fine lines and wrinkles that I am definitely not a fan of! I’ve done my research so that you don’t have to do the leg work… Here’s my list of the top 5 tinted SPF BB creams:


Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

The Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 by SkinCeuticals is a sheer tinted sunscreen that sort of works double time in terms of skin benefits. Providing a broad spectrum UVA/UVB defense system is its main function, but it also promotes a more radiant and even skin tone. It helps boost the skin’s natural defenses against environmental stress, and leaves a translucent colour on the skin. The SkinCeuticals technology kind of goes over my head, but suffice to say that the experts in their lab really know what they’re doing. It works well for my sensitive skin, so if that sounds like your skin type, then this is your fix.


Smooth and Poreless 100% Mineral Matte Screen

The Smooth and Poreless 100% Mineral Matte Screen is the best sunscreen for under makeup wear. It’s air-whipped in texture and can be used as a primer base. Supergoop! Uses some unique ingredients such as argan oil and white mulberry root. For those of you who don’t know about the danger of the blue light emitted from our electronic devices, don’t worry, Supergoop! has figured out how to protect us with butterfly bush extract – legit! It blends on smooth and clear for the perfect full coverage that looks weightless.

Josh Rosebrook

Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30

The Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 is a dual-action day cream and broad-spectrum sunscreen. It’s the all-in-one go-to cream that moisturizes, repairs, and protects. It’s got herbal components that help transform anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients, so that the skin will be left firmer and even toned. Lightweight and super effective as a sunblock, they also have a tinted version that I’ll most likely try when I’m done this pump bottle. One of my favourite secret weapons to help the smoothness of my skin is sea buckthorn, and Josh Rosebrook clearly got the memo, because this formula is packed with the reparative cell oil. That, amongst other all-natural components is what keeps this cream on my top 5.


Tizo3 Primer and Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40

Tizo3 Primer and Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40 is the perfect invisible layer to wear under makeup – it can act as a primer or as a sunscreen and is effective at both functions. It’s gentle and works for sensitive skin, and does not degrade in the sunlight, so you know it’s strong and sun-tested. Helping to prevent sunburns, the Tizo3 is a tinted facial mineral sunscreen that is my ultimate favourite to use post-procedure – which means after a visit to @beautynurseMichelle, this is the sunscreen I reach for!


Mineral Face SPF 30 Rosillian BB+ Cream

The Mineral Face SPF 30 Rosillian BB+ Cream by Coola is 70% organic ingredients. And so, for those who know me, that is a real selling point. I love using clean and natural products, especially for my face and neck. It’s got Rose Stem Cell to actively nourish my skin and provide those much needed antioxidant benefits, so that’s also a big draw. Along with all of my other favourites, this sunscreen is water-resistant and should be re-applied throughout the day if you plan to spend the day soaking in the sun.  

I’ve seriously cut back on my time spent laying out by the pool – probably because I’m so busy and have to run around with my kids most of the time, but also because once you seriously learn about the dangers of sun damage, it’s hard to sit back and enjoy. There are so many elegant and lightweight options for sunscreen out there, and so integrating the last step of my skincare routine to help protect against environmental impacts is a serious no-brainer.

Photography by Patricia Brochu