My Favourite Summer Swimwear

Fashion evolves, and with every new era, comes a new standard of dress. Let’s think back to the 60s and 70s when bathing suit trends stayed modest, but still had a little evocative twist. More skin was being shown, fabrics and patterns were becoming more playful, and the two-piece was out in full bloom. Ribbons and bows, polka-dots and halters, bold colours and mod looks were all emblematic of the time. The bikini became an instant classic, and the 80s and 90s started to see a skimpier and skimpier trend. It was the barely-there look—the Baywatch era—beaches and pools were draped with half-naked, fully bronzed, beach-blonde women in string bikinis.

Well, some of these trends have persisted and stood the test of time. The metallic two-piece string bikini is still as prevalent as the one-piece low-back bathing suit. But, one thing has remained true through it all, women express themselves through their fashion choices, and swimwear is no exception. I’m personally a fan-favourite of the scalloped trend, ribbed fabric, and bows. I love a feminine look, but I also love to be able to move and function, run and play Frisbee. Basically, the bathing suit I’ll reach for has to be one that moves with my body and not wedge into cracks or have me pulling and fixing—nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you’re trying to relax!

I have so many favourite brands: some I reserve for vacation looks and others are more a country feel. I don’t discriminate when it comes to the cut of the suit, because for the first time in a long time, I am so comfortable in my skin and feel good in almost anything I put on.

I have a soft spot for the Hermust one-piece suit. I love the soft muted turquoise colour, and the spaghetti strap is super sexy. The fabric is like butter and the fit is just perfect. Hermust currently has a pop-up store in Montreal on Notre-Dame and the artist that designs the clothes is local as well.

The Shan swimwear line has been a brand leader for some time now and with good reason. Their bathing suits are designed with built-in support and whenever I wear any of their pieces I feel like I’m wearing a second skin. Whether it’s a stud detail or a plunging neckline, Shan shows versatility in their designs and the fits range to fit any body type. Did I mention the fabric is to die for?

Marysia swimwear has some of the most interesting designs. They really appeal to me because I’m kind of a sucker of scallops – the trend just makes so much sense on a bathing suit! I got the asymmetrical scalloped bikini and one-piece. Both are made from a  basket-weave Italian fabric. The material has amazing stretch and unlike some bathing suits that get droopy when wet, this one just hugs the skin perfectly.

Beach Riot has some super cute pieces that are so playful. Even in black, this three-tie cut-out one-piece screams feminine and ready to party. Some bathing suits are perfect for the beach or for the yacht (a girl can dream!), but this one is so versatile, I love to pair with a sarong or distressed denim cut-offs. It almost functions as a top.

The Laya one-piece is the perfect bathing suit for almost every body type. It’s simple and pretty straightforward, but the coverage and support are great. I love the bandeau cut across the top and the super skinny straps. This piece is called the Shape of Things, because it moulds to the shape of things, if you know what I mean ;)

I also love the Solid & Striped collection. They have a full line of solid, striped, and floral print bathing suits. The multi-striped bikini I have from them is one of summer favourites – it’s got great support on top and kind of a revealing bottom. It makes for great tan lines (lol!).

I might have over a dozen bathing suits—some bikini, some one-piece—because, just like I like to match my clothes to my mood, so do I love to express myself through swimwear. I always go for longevity when I choose a cut or fabric, because I don’t want my suit to pill and get ruined, nor do I want to be fidgeting with my straps or wedgy all day (you laugh, but you know what I’m talking about). I have a few more favourites, but for now, this is it! 

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! xx

Photography by Patricia Brochu