patricia brochu photographe mademoiselle jules mlle

Today is Patricia's birthday and I want to take the opportunity to thank her for being my friend and my photographer.  She has been taking pictures for me for more than a decade during my time with Nesss Productions and later to capture the key moments in my life.  It only made sense that we decided to collaborate on Mademoiselle Jules.  I couldn't have launched the blog without my photographer in crime.  Happy birthday Pat and stay true to your passion! 

patricia brochu photographe mademoiselle jules

Patricia Brochu has not only tapped into her calling as a photographer she has brilliantly created her own style capturing moments and stories through her lens which serve as her eyes onto the world.

Her approach is honest and open, her style is simple, yet effective.   She knows how to capture the heart of the matter. Her talent is diverse and allows her to photographe food, fashion, people, events and more.  She brings a whole new meaning to "a picture is worth more than a thousand words" ...

She's a music lover as well, here is her favorite song, enjoy!

Photography by Patricia Brochu

Instagram @patriciabrochuphotographe