harlow opening night restaurant montreal mademoiselle jules mlle

Last Thursday was the official opening night of Harlow, what a night!  "La crème de la crème" of Montréal was there under the same roof.  So much fun for a Mommy like me to go out one night and get to see everyone from the scene, media, and friends.  

Moët & Chandon champagne was flowing all night!!!

Harlow opening night montreal mademoiselle jules

Hosts with looks from the 1930's welcomed us.

Congratulations to Stevie B and Brahms for a beautiful evening and establishment.

A delicious cocktail dinatoire was served all night.

It was a night of celebration surrounded by beautiful people.

Lino, Robbie, StevieB, Angelo

The live band gave the night some soul.

DJ Dylan played all my favorites songs, when the music is good ... I'm having a good time!

dj dylan

Even Patricia put her camera down to bust a few dance steps!

Here are more people from the crowd.

Vodka was flowing as well!

So nice to hang out with my friends, we found our new spot to go out in the city!

The success of this evening was also in good part due to the staff.

photography by Patricia Brochu