Soirée for the Soul
mademoiselle jules beauty blogger with Uniprix

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve surely read about the breakthrough facials I’ve been raving about, the Endermolift by Daniele Henkel to go. This beauty treatment is quick, affordable, and shows immediate results. To celebrate the new addition to your local Uniprix, I held a contest on my Instagram account for a chance to try it out at an evening themed beauty, wellness and inspiration.

mademoiselle jules and the winners from Uniprix daniele henkel

Along with 3 other bloggers and the winners of the contest, we were promised a wonderful night full of surprises. The festivities began at a nearby Uniprix, where we all met for the first time. It was lovely to meet everyone in person and get to know some of my followers that have been so supportive of this blog. We enjoyed cocktails and appetizers while one woman from each group was treated to the Daniel Henkel to go facial. 

Zina loved her session with Endermolift by Daniele Henken to go. The pain-free, non invasive, completely natural and no-risk anti-aging treatment for the face showed immediate results and inspired compliments all evening. Its gentle massaging action tightens skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen & elastin. It was the perfect pick me up for the select contest winners at an event all about celebrating beauty and wellness.


mademoiselle jules uniprix daniele henkel to go

We received a gift bag filled with goodies and gathered on the bus, still unsure of our destination or the plans of the evening.  All 28 women arrived at the location and we’re squeezed into a commercial elevator. When the doors opened, we arrived in a magnificent minimalist loft, Studio L’Éloi.

Filled with suspense, we were told yoga and cardio trampoline classes were next on the agenda. I’m sure you can guess which one I chose! We were given active wear and the 30-minute fitness classes began. After our sweat session, we dove into our gift bags and freshened up using our brand new products.

Despite my busy schedule, health and wellness have always been a priority in my life. As a mom, I’m always taking care of something or someone, so it’s important to take the time to treat myself too. This facial takes as little as 10 minutes and can easily be squeezed in while I pick up necessities at the pharmacy.

mademoiselle jules and the winners for Uniprix

After our workout, we were seated for an amazing meal provided by Mile Ex catering. Everything was so delicious and the presentation was fantastic, so I made sure to get their contact info. During dinner, we were told a guest speaker would join us and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was Anne Marcotte.

anne marcotte

Her story was beautiful, inspiring, and captivated us all. The evening was flawless and left me feeling energized and motivated. It inspired a great confidence that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and so many ideas for future projects brewed throughout the night.

A big thanks to Uniprix for putting together such an amazing evening and for giving me the opportunity to work on this endeavor! Also, I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the contest, especially those who joined us for this fabulous soirée. Feel free to share your personal experience at the event or with the Endermolift LPG treatment in my comments section below !

virée uniprix daniele henkel to go

Photography by Patricia Brochu