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Are you short on ideas for mother’s day? You are in luck, I have a tip (or two actually)!

It’s such a difficult task to choose a present for one of the most important people in your life...  Whether it’s your own mother or one of the mother figures in your life, we all love the women who raised us, and some of us are raising little ones too! This year, I found the perfect items to offer to a mom in your life or to give to yourself … you deserve it!

The Right Hand Gal is a  beautiful and timeless jewelry line designed by Montreal sisters Randi and Shawna Herlich.  I fell in love with this delicate and elegant customized necklace,  personalized with your initials of choice (L and N for me!)  It is so easy to wear, classic in solid gold, and it keeps your babies’ names right where they belong: next to your heart.  

initial necklace the right hand gal for mademoiselle jules blog for mothers day gift idea

I wear mine all the time and get a ton of compliments. I love that the design is different from the classic initials pendant look, and is very subtle. It’s really a great accessory, and would fit the styles of many moms, young and not-so-young :-)

initiales necklace for mothers day gift idea blog mademoiselle jules

My second gift is a twist on a classic: A few weeks ago I entered a contest for a Longchamp customized bag, since Longchamp is opening a Pliage Personalized Bar at Ogilvy, and... I won! I was so grateful and excited to see my bag come to production!

mlle jules longchamp bag pliage fashion blog

The classic French handbag is the perfect gift for any modern mom on the go, I used my Pliage bag all the time when I had my babies instead of a bulky baby bag, I just loved how practical this one was, I could fold it up into another bag and always have it handy as a carry all. At the beach, airport, or park, it was perfect for any occasion and to carry the million things you need when you have a little one.

I wanted some fresh, feminine colors so I picked a nice tangerine orange with a bright pink, and my name in cream letters, perfect for Spring. Make sure you visit the The Le Pliage Personalized Bar at Ogilvy before  May 18th to get your own. You can mix colors, chose handles, it’s a lot of fun!

I hope you all spend a sweet mother’s day with the people you love. I will be with my girls of course, and celebrating their grandmothers together.  I’m so fortunate to be surrounded and inspired by great moms, so I send my heart to all of us for all the hard work and tender love we share. 

A special big kiss to my mom:

Diane: merci pour tout ce que tu fais pour moi et tout ce que tu es!  Je t’offre aujourd’hui cette pensée pour confirmer toute l’importance que tu revêts à mes yeux, la place unique que tu occupes dans ma vie, en ta qualité de mère et d’amie.  Merci de toujours croire en moi et de m'encourager dans tous mes projets!

Je t'aime Maman xxx

baby mademoiselle jules with Mom for mothers day post

Photography by Patricia Brochu 

The Right Hand Gal jewelry are available in Montreal at : Billie Boutique, James Boutique and TNT Fashion you can also order at info@therighthandgal or 416-732-0934

The initials necklace is in solid gold, 16" comes with one initial 160$ and each additional initial is 50$, bracelet and studs are also available and very cute!

Happy Mother's Day!