Happy Father's Day!
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Daddy’s girl

As a little girl, I wanted my dad to bring me everywhere so I could show him off to my friends and teachers. I always knew my father was a gem and I wanted the whole world to witness how bright his shine was.

Mademoiselle jules mlle and her Dad

My gift to you all for father’s day is these 5 life lessons I learned from my dad, AKA the greatest man in the world:

1- Love is act you practice everyday: my dad would work all night as a baker and then come home at 6 AM to make my brother and I breakfast before we left to school. Every single day, he would give us the royal treatment and go the extra mile, with fresh cut fruits, pancakes, croissants, eggs. I grew up with a man in the kitchen, who cooked everything with an extra dose of love.

mademoiselle jules and her dad blog

2- Live life to the fullest: My dad was a very hard worker, but he knows how to have fun and enjoy life. We would host huge parties at my home for all of my parents’ friends and family; he would water ski in the summer, hunt , fish and ski every winter. He shared his love of the outdoors, and a life lived to the fullest with us.

3- Laughter is the best medicine: My dad is still the funniest person I know! He makes me laugh like no one else! He's humor is very unique, and I think it’s his fountain of youth. He always knows the way to turn every situation around and find the positive.  He's the life of the party on any occasions.

Mademoiselle jules and her Dad blog

4- Be kind to everyone: From his family ,his employees, or strangers in the street, my father always has a helping hand extended, and kind words for everyone. His heart is so big, there is room for everyone. Even my friends became friends with him and give him a call once in a while.

5- Prince charming is real, ladies, so don’t settle for less! My father set such a high standard for me, he is such a loving husband and devoted father that I knew what to look for in a man, and married the love of my life, who is just as outstanding a person. My daughters have the same adoration for their dad as I do for mine, and it’s beautiful for me to recognize that in them.

There is so much more to write about such a grand person, but I’m happy to share a bit of him with you on this special day.

Bonne fête des pères, papa! Tu m'inspires à devenir une meilleure personne tous les jours.  Je t’aime de tout mon coeur!!!

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