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Every time I spot a scooter on the road, I’m flooded with memories of my European adventures. With my hair blowing in the wind, I would hold onto my husband as we cruised along the Amalfi Coast. You can imagine my delight when Kumpan electric started to spread the revolution in Montreal.

These gorgeous retro-style scooters were designed in Germany, so you can expect quality and performance engineering. At the moment, there are 3 styles available, which can accommodate from 1-2 people. There are several colors to choose from and other options to build the best custom scooter for your needs!

If you’ve driven around our beautiful city, then you know that traffic is everywhere and parking is near impossible to find. Kumpan electric scooters are here to the rescue!  Perfect for city dwellers that are always on the go, these get to your destination hassle free with a Euro-flare! If you’re low on charge, their portable batteries make it a breeze to charge and go!

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As a mom, I’m always looking to protect our planet and secure a safe environment for my little ones in the future. This kind of eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transport reduces toxic emissions while conserving resources with its electric technology. 

If you haven’t driven or been privy to being a passenger on a scooter, then I have to share that it’s possibly one of the best feelings in the world. You feel like you’re part of everything in your environment and all experiences become that much more interactive. It’s incredibly liberating!

Despite how much I love the idea of riding around town on these scooters, my lifestyle doesn’t really allow for it. With two young kids constantly at my side, this is an activity I cherish abroad when it’s just my hubby and I! However I did thoroughly enjoy dressing the part and test riding the Kumpan 1953 model downtown.

kumpan scooter electric lifestyle blog mademoiselle jules mlle jules

While the different models are available on their website, I suggest you take a step into their gorgeous store located in Old Montreal. You’ll be sure to fall in love with their electric scooters!

Photography by Patricia Brochu 

Shirt & skirt: Zara, Bag & Sunglasses: YSL, Shoes: Alexander McQueen,


 Bracelet : Hermes at Holt Renfrew, Pearl necklace and heart ring: The Right Hand Gal, Pearl earrings and stackable rings: Betty Ray 


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