New York Fashion Week Recap : Day 1 & 2 - FW17
Look #1: Dress: Kenzo x H&M, Pants: Zara, Boots: Iro Paris, Bag: Chloé, Sunglasses: Céline -  Photography by  Patricia Brochu

Look #1: Dress: Kenzo x H&M, Pants: Zara, Boots: Iro Paris, Bag: Chloé, Sunglasses: Céline - Photography by Patricia Brochu

This was my fourth experience at NYFW and I can definitely say that it is one of the best parts about being a fashion blogger. I repeat this every year, but New York is so exciting and vibrant, I fall more and more in love with every trip. I usually go for 2 days (except last season when I was there for 5 hours and still breastfeeding), but this time I had such a busy schedule that I stayed 4. Let me tell you about them: 

Photography by Patricia Brochu

Day 1

Twenty centimetres of snow had fallen the day before so I was stressed that my flight might be cancelled, especially with the 6 am flight. It clearly wasn’t since I am able to write this post, so I was up at the brutal sound of my 4 a.m. alarm and began the challenge of looking decent and presentable. Once landed safe and sound, I stayed at the Langham this time, which made me very happy because the room was stunning and huge! Quite a rarity for NYC with a beautiful view of The Empire State Building to boot! Once my large room with a view excitement subsided, it was time to get dressed for my 11h a.m. runway show. It was somewhat of a challenge with the weather because you want to look stylish but stay warm and on that particular day it was freezing cold and super windy outside. So with focus and determination, this is the look I put together for the Oday Shakar FW17 Runway Show.

Oday Shakar FW17 Runway Show

The show was entitled TRANCEND. It was a collection “inspired by overcoming the difficulties in one’s life and creating something beautiful from the experience-making you stronger.”

The show began with a series of black, hand-beaded evening looks before evolving to greens, blues and rich reds. They ended their journey in soft winter whites. It was a ethereal representation of darkness turning into light and Oday Shakar described it best: “Out of the darkness the beauty of light transcends” From their 34 looks, my favorite was the ivory hand beaded dolman sleeve evening top with crepe wide leg trouser. 

I then had lunch uptown at Italian restaurant Nello with my bestie Anne-Marie (who was there for two days, yay!). Then we made our way to our cherished shopping spots: Barneys, Bergdorf, 57th street, the Dover Street Market, and a few more cool stores in Soho including Kith. What I would like to point out though is that I was clearly not as focused as I thought I was when I got dressed that morning because what I concluded to be a great idea footwise for the fashion show, ie: my suede boots, was a terrible idea for the rest of the day. I seriously damaged them treading through slush and snow for hours versus a mere 17 minutes at Oday Shakar. At one point, I could no longer bear the cold that I bought a puffer coat at Uniqlo! Thank you mother nature.

Finally back at the hotel, and despite the cold and slush, shopping in NY is always worth it, I got a wonderful surprise. My husband showed up at my door. It’s always more fun to chill and relax with the person you love but don’t always get to see due to his hectic and heavy workload. Although I was the one working, I was delighted that he was spending the weekend with me. That evening for dinner, we headed to Blue Ribbon for a super sushi date night :)

Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

Day 2 :My busiest day with four shows. 

First stop: Paul Andrew 

paul andrew new york fashion week blog mademoiselle jules

He is a designer that creates stunning footwear that is originative and extravagant. With invitation in hand, I gladly attended his Fall/Winter Women's and Men's presentation and he did not disappoint. Paul Andrew has a love for modern art, exotic cities and classic films so it was very fitting for him to display his passion come to life in an art gallery. It was beyond beautiful and his favourite pieces quickly became mine, like his sculptural metallic heels and his colourful supple suedes. To see and hear more about it, have a look at my blog post on the stunning collection.

I had a quick Lunch at the Gansevoorth Market, with an impromptu photoshoot in the Meat Packing District because why not take advantage of the diverse scenery and the natural talents of my kickass photographer!  

Look #2: Coat & Boots: Iro Paris, Hat: Lysa Lash Fur, Bag: Chanel   Photography by  Patricia Brochu

Look #2: Coat & Boots: Iro Paris, Hat: Lysa Lash Fur, Bag: Chanel  Photography by Patricia Brochu

Photography by  Patricia Brochu

Photography by Patricia Brochu

My second stop was the PRISMS event with all their new to die for suits in an array of neutrals. I love a good strong primary color, but give me a creamy, soft neutral and I am in heaven. Their presentation was held in the Penthouse of the Standard Hotel in the east village with a beautiful view of NYC. Very chic and charming. 

I then stopped at Nespresso in Soho for a quick pick me up and met my hubby for a few minutes to say hi and give him a few kisses, then it was off to show number three, the Josefina Portugal event at her super cute boutique. For those who have not heard of Josefina, she is a Portuguese making handmade shoe designer. 

Shoes by Josefina Portugual #proudtobeawoman -  Photography by  Patricia Brochu

Shoes by Josefina Portugual #proudtobeawoman - Photography by Patricia Brochu

What Josefina is all about and what she believes in, is reflected through her designs and beautiful craftsmanship. It is refreshing to be in the presence of someone who has faith in the power of women and change. I loved her collection so much that I walked out with a pair of shoes. I couldn’t resist, I am a shoe lover after all! It was also nice to bump into some familiar faces from Montreal like Karolina Jez, and Gabrielle Lacasse from Dentelle et Fleurs

It was yet another cold and frigid day in NYC, and with one more show to go, I headed back to the Langham to reconnect with my husband and recharge before my last event. 

Final show of the day: Francesca Liberatore at 8 pm

Francesca's collection was called “Freedom" and politics was the theme. She explored through her mixes of lace and metallics how political power has effected society and vice versa. I loved her use of fringe, velvets and sheer materials, but what was compelling was her employment of different figures and powerful words seen throughout the collection touching on freedom of speech, promises and fear. This was by far the most thought provoking and conversation starting show I have ever been to.

With my last show behind me, I had quite the adventure trying to hail a cab or even ordering an Uber from the Gallery I at Skylight Clarkson Sq amongst the tons of other people doing the same. It was turning out to be an impossible mission so I took a break and put my people watching skills to the test. I can easily count this part of my day as my 5th show because it was truly entertaining watching strangers interact, going about their evening, chatting with friends and trying to hail cabs, lol.

Restaurant Indochine NY

Restaurant Indochine NY

By the time I finally made it back to the hotel, we had a late dinner at a restaurant with a very cool vibe called Indochine. It was delicious and a lot of fun with a great vibe, and who doesn’t love being surrounded by people from the fashion industry. I saw Edgardo Osorio, the designer of Aquazzura and I was surprised, excited and honoured that he remembered me from when we met at his Holt Renfrew event back in Montreal. He. Made. My. Night.

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Day 3 & 4 will follow in My Experience at New York Fashion Week FW17 -part2 ...