Skin care routine with Karine Joncas

Skin care routine with Karine Joncas
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Karine Joncas Cosmetics

skin care routine with karine joncas cosmetics by beauty blogger mademoiselle jules blog

In case you haven't caught on yet, time management for me, like for many of you, is an ongoing and uphill challenge. Sometimes it's hard to be mindful of a good beauty regimen with a busy schedule but we try our best don't we?

Throughout my quest to find efficient and worthy beauty brands and regimes, I've found a way to make it easier on all of us. I recently introduced Karine Joncas products into my daily routine in order to maximize my skincare in the shortest amount of time possible. A pioneer in the world of professional skincare for 15 years, Karine Joncas continues to successfully deliver to her clients the benefits of a bespoke medi-spa experience at home.  

All KJ products are hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, and unscented, which is great for all skin types, including mine!

I have very sensitive skin, peppered with some dilated pores, and a serious mix of oily and dry. Most of it is genetic and some of it is due in part to our erratic Montreal weather.  

I am sharing the following 6 time-saving products because they make my skin look and feel more healthy and radiant day after day.

For an express daily routine I have been using:

1. 4 in 1 Micellar Water:  Containing Collagen, cucumber extract, and Hyaluronic Acid. This item is a godsend!! At the beginning of the day, after a workout, or at bedtime, this product acts as an express cleansing water, an eye and lip makeup remover, an un-wrinkle toner, and a source of firming anti-aging essence.  

2. Youth Anti-Imperfection Concentrate:  This is a good serum to use in the morning if you have mixed, oily, or acne-prone skin.  

3. Gold-Youth Night Repair:  It's called getting things done while you are asleep! This is a serum made up of gold peptides that helps build up your skin's defence against its daytime aggressors during the night.

4. 5 in 1 Gel: This is a useful product if you are looking for different levels of hydration but don't necessarily want to invest in 5 different products or the time it takes to use them all separately. The 5 in 1 Gel is good for daytime and nighttime hydration, eye contour, neck and décolleté, and as an anti-aging hydrating mask.  

For a little more skin love, I recommend these 2 products because they are helping me maintain a glow and stay smooth as the seasons change:

5. Collagen Micro-Peeling Lift: I love this product because it's like doing microdermabrasion at home and it leaves my face feeling and looking smooth, lifted, and oh so glowy!

6. 5-Minute Facial: Mainly composed of red clay and olive oil, this mask provides an instant glow, intense firmness, and wrinkle repair in just 5 minutes! It's a life-saver after a big night out, a long work week, or if you feel like your face could use a pick me up or how about all of the above?!?!

In my efforts to turn you on to the best of the best that our local market has to offer, Karine Joncas delivers in spades. 

For more info about KJ products, or to order their limited edition spring value sets, visit or a Jean-Coutu or Pharmacy Brunet near you.  Can you guess what my mom will be getting this Mother's Day?

Photography by Patricia Brochu