My Daugther's B-Day with Joe's Prop House kids
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Throwing a kid’s party these days requires a degree in event planning, I kid you not! Every time one of my kids’ birthdays roll around, I can’t help but get slightly panicked about how I’m going to get the whole thing organized in between the million other things I have to get done.


This year, for Lia’s 8th birthday, she let it be known (loud and clear!) that she wanted a unicorn-themed birthday party. Like most moms, I want to make my children’s dreams come true, and so when the request is as simple as a magical (mythical) horse, her wish was my command.


I started to think about all the different ways I could make the theme come alive – invite, balloons, decoration, food – so many ideas, so little time. I swear I might’ve thrown in the towel, but then, Joe’s Prop House Kids, like a shiny white knight, came to save the day!

Venue and décor, personalized unicorn balloons, plates and unicorn-coloured forks and spoons, loot bags and so much more – Joe’s Prop House Kids seriously delivered. There were so many highlights to the party, but as a mom, I have to say, seeing my child smile from ear-to-ear for 2 straight hours, was the icing on my delicious cupcake (oh, and the fact that cleanup was included was the cherry on top!)


Here are some of the highlights from the event:

Joe’s Prop House Kids provided their incredible venue completely decked to the nines. There were pastel-coloured balloons as well as huge unicorn balloons placed all over the room and snack table. They work with amazing trades and so all I had to do was pick and choose my favourite sprinkles (that’s what they call add-ons by the way, so cute). Lia has her preferences and so sprinkling on The Bead Lady was the easiest decision. She brought her A game with tattoos, glitter, a make-your-own lip balm station, and other fun arts & crafts. She brought the party to life and really entertained the group.

We decided to throw Lia’s party at the 2-4pm slot, so it made food choices easy. It’s not lunch anymore and supper isn’t for a while, so what will the kids eat? Treats! Oh my, the treats were in serious abundance: we indulged in Belgian waffle pops and a milkshake bar, bagels and lemonade all courtesy of Société Traiteur Mini. They’ve been around the catering block for a while, but they’ve recently opened a kid-friendly catering division as a sister company to Joe’s Prop House Kids. I didn’t have to research great caterers, because Joe’s Prop House Kids has done that work for me, procuring the best of the best, and the best (and yummiest) it was. Committed to premium services and offering only top-of-the-line sprinkles (I think they’re onto something here with the sprinkle thing, right?), Joe’s Prop House Kids is a one-stop shop for planning, coordinating, and executing the most epic party… ever!


You’ve seen the pictures, I don’t really need to go on and on about how fantastic the room looked. But, in case you’ve never tasted a DoughNats before… hold on to your unicorns, they are out of this world. So sweet and moist, the perfect combination of nostalgia and indulgence, they really hit the spot. Also, they’re bite-size, so you can eat the whole thing guilt-free! They have so many dietary friendly choices, from nut-free to gluten-free, even vegan, and of course, endless toppings. #mmm

Yum Creations hit it out of the park with their delectable treats – not to mention that they made the most amazing paintable unicorn cookies complete with palette and paintbrush. Such an amazing activity for the kids to express their inner artist, share their creations, and then eat them up!

Joe’s Prop House Kids packages have everything you need to capture the memories as they bring your event to life. I went big and got the photographer sprinkle and the Easybooth sprinkle, because, why not!? Easybooth is so fun because they provide all of the cutest and silliest props needed to make your photos fun. I always think of Instagram filters when I think of Easybooth because they bring that playful element to the party. It’s an entertainment system unto itself. The girls had so much fun designing the funniest and most adorable shots that they get printed on the spot!


Loot bags is the component of party planning that I often leave to the last moment. Wrongly so because kids love leaving a party with a cute gift in hand. Once again, Joe’s Prop House Kids hits the mark and delivers! Customized loots bags with each of the girls’ names on it made for the cutest little curated parting gift. Love, love, love.


It might sound like I’m gushing, but this collaboration was so seamless and so easy. Joe’s Prop House Kids made Lia’s dream come true, but secretly they also made mine come true, too! It was such a magical day from beginning to end and I was able to feel like a guest at the party, join in on the fun, and be with my daughter and her friends to celebrate her special day. To me, that’s priceless. I’m so busy and have a constant juggling act going on, so to actually be able to enjoy quality bonding time with Lia, Neva, Lev along with family and friends is a treat that Joe’s Prop House Kids gave me in spades.


Joe’s Prop House has a few packages to pick from to help make your celebration a fun and easy event! They are highly accommodating and so laid back, such a delight to collaborate with them. They really know how to throw a party!

Kids don’t need much to celebrate their birthdays. A few loved ones and a yummy cake and call it a day. But the truth is, when it’s this easy to throw the party of the year, why not go for it and create unparalleled memories like the ones we made at Lia’s 8th birthday? BEST. DECISION. EVER.


Thanks JPHKids, this’ll be a birthday we never forget! For more info call 514-570-3248.


Photography by Coline Bachelier

Videography by Jonathan Hernandez