Fashion Profile: Veronica Beard

Bold patterns, unique silhouettes, fabrics that boast elegance, that’s what I love about Veronica Beard. I love walking into a store, being attracted to a beautiful dress and then going over to feel it and just being in awe at how well-constructed the piece is. Veronica Beard’s dresses look incredible when you see them hanging in a store, which is not always the case with some clothing. Then, you go to try a dress on and OMG – every inch of fabric falls perfectly and just dazzles the eye.

Veronica Beard is a ready-to-wear brand started in 2010 by sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. The brand originated from a mutual love for dickeys, which is such an odd item to fall in love over, because, how does that even come up in conversation!? I don’t know if you know what a dickey is, but for those who don’t, dickeys are a false shirt-front, that bib-looking collar you tuck into a sweater, if you don’t want to wear the full under layer. The dickey remains one of their signature pieces and comes back each season looking cooler each time. But the brand didn’t stop there, they’ve taken off and now include a thoughtful collection of lifestyle pieces that strike that balance between cool and classic. 

photo credit Karolina Jez

photo credit Karolina Jez

 I personally love when a brand comes out with a signature piece. I mean, most of the fabulous designers curate a collection of insanely stunning pieces from dresses and trousers to shoes and handbags, complete with studs (thanks Valentino) or quilted fabric (hi Chanel), but rarely does a designer take an outdated fashion accessory and revamp it into a go-to staple that every woman wants to have in their closet. Whether you’re street chic, like the layered look, or a business woman who wants to make the blazer look a tad more casual, the dickey hit the mark when it comes to fashion innovation. I personally love the grey dickey hoodie with the black blazer, I feel like it’s such a NYC vibe.


The Veronica Beard collection is branded as an elevated American ready-to-wear line, intuitively built for real life. That’s exactly the kind of fashion I love: accessible and functional, without compromising on style and quality. I kind love that each piece I own from the VB collection is unique and hits certain trends, but they all also have lasting power. Some of the pieces I bought at TNT (one of the only store that carries the line in Mtl), I’ve had in my closet for over a few years and still wear every chance I get.


It’s over 8 years now that VB is on the scene, and they’ve kicked their brand into high gear. They’ve had a couple notable collaborations: one with Kate Schelter (a celebrated illustrator), and most recently, Bandier (one of my favourite athleisure lines!).

brooch from  G. Sherman Jewels

brooch from G. Sherman Jewels


I can rarely go on and on about a designer, but Veronica Beard is, without hesitation, one of my favourites.

Check out their insta @veronicabeard - I also love the way they portray women: strong, empowered, and fierce!

All the looks are from TNT Fashion

Photography by Patricia Brochu