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My Rockland Milestone

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My Rockland Milestone

It’s crazy to think that less than 5 years ago I was just starting to toy with the idea of blogging. I wanted a platform where be inspired and share all the things I love. From fashion and food to friends and family, I wanted to write about my life, capture all the moments of my life and just put it all out there – no holding back.

Well, it’s been a wild ride so far and my interest in blogging has transformed my life and has become my full-time job! From the Mademoiselle Jules blog and Insta, I’ve had the opportunity to partake in so many amazing endeavours with artists, designers, brands, and influencers; I’ve collaborated on amazing campaigns, I’ve attended incredible events and Paris Fashion Week and NYC Fashion Week. I mean, my life still feels like it’s kind of the exact same, my values and priorities are still my children and family, my friends and people I love, but my day-to-day job I am privileged to say, is something I wake up and look forward to working at. I’m constantly inspired and also exhausted, lol! But, the truth is, I’m mostly just grateful.

Jacket: Karen Millen, Dress: Eliza Faulkner @Cabinet Éphémère, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Earrings: Swarovski, Bracelets: Kyvengy @Cabinet Éphémère, Bag: M0851

This past year was monumental for me work-wise. I reached a huge milestone when I became one of the faces of Rockland Centre. For those of you from Montreal, Rockland Centre is pillar of great shopping and has been a part of my life ever since I was a small child. So to become their ambassador was kind of a big deal! I’d say it’s one of my sparklier highlights for 2018.


I shot the Spring/Summer 2018 campaign and it was my first. real. campaign. ever. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m typically one-on-one when I shoot my fashion pics or product images. I create the look, I apply my own hair and do my own make up, and then cut to me moving a candle one inch to the left and pulling a carpet a few inches to the right all by myself! I’m setting the tone so you can imagine what it felt like to be Cinderella for a day – makeup artists painting my face, stylists fixing my wardrobe, artistic directors calling all the shots and then me, relaxing in my chair having a ball! It was AMAZING!


I got to work with incredible people and got to work with a brand that I want to endorse, I love Rockland! The work days were long, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all glitz and glam. But it was fun. I got to work with Marcus Troy and Rivkah Levy, two great Montreal-based influencers. My campaign was part of a yearlong contract filled with great events like: shopping events, giveaway styling sessions with me, meet and greets, tons of fun stuff.

The second campaign for Fall 2018 was shot differently. It wasn’t about the billboards, it was more about the retailers. We featured some amazing fashion and took more detailed product shots. It was so cool to see how professionals, who’ve been working in this industry for a while (and are experts at what they do), negotiate and execute their mandate while still exploring their creativity and maintaining their artistic integrity. I learned a lot, to say the least.

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There are so many takeaways from this experience, which by the way, I still have another campaign to shoot so I’m excited to see what’s in store for me. I think everything I was able to observe and absorb was a major win. I also think professionally, in my own personal trajectory, this campaign was a huge leap in my career. But, the moment that made it all worth it was that day I brought my kids to Rockland Centre and I watched them yell with glee as they ran through the “Mommy door” (lol!) or took selfies with the mommy photos that were all over the mall. It really helped them see a concrete example of what mommy does.

It was a marker of how far I’ve come (#goals) and it showed me exactly what direction I want to take in my career. #supportlocal #passionforfashion #lovewhatyoudo