My Soho Beach House Weekend

I’ve been going to Miami for years and years and years. Like most Canadians, a vacation down south is a must at least once a year to break up the winter. This year, my visits to Florida took me more north as I stayed with my mother and family for quiet quality time. But this last trip was took me to Miami for a friend’s birthday. And what a trip it was! As a member of the Soho House, my friend Elisa was able to book reservations for her entire party to stay at the exclusive hotel. From stylized décor and fine dining to private beaches and penthouse parties, our weekend was fun-filled and gave me quite the inside look into what it would be like to be a Soho House member.

A bunch of friends all travelled to Miami to celebrate the 40th birthday of Elisa Dahan, Co-Creative Director of Mackage. She put together two private events for her birthday weekend: a dinner on Friday night, and a party Saturday night in the penthouse. We partied like it was 2003!

elisa dahan co-creative director of mackage and mademoiselle jules lifestyle blogger

I love weekend getaways with friends; always such an incredible way to bond with old friends and spend time forming new friendships. We spent full days at the stunning private beach. The Soho Beach House has a beautifully treated strip Oceanside that allows for ultimate relaxation. Their pool deck is also exquisite and so nicely decorated. The design factor of the hotel definitely sets it apart from a lot of the places I’ve visited, but if you know me at all, it’s not always the big things that make my jaw drop. Instead, it’s the little details that make a place special. Well, the Soho House was equipped with a bucket full of details. 

Each room had stunning elements that made them unique. Highly stylized, the rooms had an eclectic mixture of materials and textures, colours and fabrics to give a phenomenal visual aesthetic. I personally loved the tiling in our room and, incidentally, the colour combo was super appealing. The soft moss green made for a tranquil atmosphere (and the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot!). Also, I love great beauty products and take my bath time very seriously, and the bath in our hotel… I swear if I could’ve folded it up and brought it home, I might have!

julie towel.jpg

I’ve never had the pleasure of staying at any Soho House. If you don’t already know, you have to be a member to have access to any of their amenities (this Samantha Jones, season 6 SATC!).  I have, however, eaten at Cecconi’s. The courtyard resto located in the Soho Beach House is open to the public, and has a reputation of being one of the best in the city. Every time I go, I discover something new about the place that I love: from the classic Italian food to the art deco bathroom. Walking through the private hotel, guests are ushered straight to the restaurant and do not have access to the rest of the space… unless you’re staying at the hotel, of course.  

So what does it take to become a member? Well, in order to even begin the membership process, two existing Soho House members have to nominate you. Once you get the application started, there are a few membership options to consider: Local House, Every House, U27 (local and every). If you are accepted into the Soho House community, you get access to club spaces and facilities: bars and restaurants, swimming pools, Cowshed spa, beach club, and more.

Founded in 1995, the Soho house was created on the premise that people who work in creative industries should have a common stomping ground to mix and mingle; a place reflective of their creativity and individuality (trust me, I’ve done my research… people who don’t have the criteria they are looking for, get turned away!).

julie on fountain.jpg

The concept behind an exclusive, members-only hotel allows for like-minded individuals to gather in one (or multiple, since the Soho Community is international) place offering a space for burgeoning artistry and innovation. I love their mission and although I had always known of the Soho House, I had never had such a close-up experience. Now that I have, I’m afraid there’s no turning back! I’m in love!  

Photography by Patricia Brochu