My MISA Los Angeles Obsession

One of the things I get asked often in my line of work is to describe my fashion style. While I have a pretty straightforward answer for the question, I also find that my style changes (or, evolves). My style is sophisticated yet playful, high-end yet accessible, and I also have certain pockets of style that I tap into depending on my mood, the weather, a special event, or anything else that might spark an outfit inspo.

What ends up happening with me quite frequently is that I’ll discover a designer that I love, whose clothes fit seamlessly, and I’ll go on a stint where I find reason to wear the brand as often as possible. I delve into research on what the brand is about, who the designer is, where their inspiration comes from, what the philosophy of the fashion house is, where they sell… you get the picture; basically, I get really into understanding everything about the brand. Well, from the moment MISA Los Angeles stepped onto the scene in 2016, it was off to the races for me (cut to me and my shopping cart!), I had to know everything because her stuff is just next level.

MISA Los Angeles is my current obsession; my always addiction. I can’t get enough of the look, the fabric, the style, most importantly, the vibe. The brand is all about the gypsy jet-setter (the gypset) and if there’s a better coupling than boho-chic meets globetrotter then point me in her direction because, wow, florals and long traipsing skirts mixed with off the shoulder blouses that flow in the wind… is it just me or is that every woman’s perfect go-to vacation outfit? I believe I read somewhere that MISA Los Angeles uses fabrics that are “wrinkle-free” with the purpose of making travelling with beautiful clothing even more accessible to the every woman. Genius.

Shadi Askari-Farhat got her start in the fashion world with tbagslosangeles. She was the founder and designer of the handbag collection, which was born from her endless quest for the perfect bag. Once she designed her custom creation, friends started knocking on her door to buy a bag, and it was off to the races from there – she was asked to design a collection and MISA Los Angeles was created. Hello fashion career!

MISA Los Angeles is an extension of her original concept to create modern bohemian pieces for women to wear time and again. Whether it’s the colour palette or silhouette, Askari-Farhat fuses global cultures into every collection to put forth a natural embodiment of that “traveller lifestyle.” Warm, rich tones reminiscent of an Indian spice market or vibrant, bold colours nostalgic of a tropical rainforest – MISA Los Angeles whisks you away on a journey, telling the story of the “gypset” with every piece.

It’s about the style as much as it is about the lifestyle. I believe I read somewhere that Askari-Farhat describes her brand to be feminine and effortless with that sea-to-city feel. That’s where we connect. Every time I go to pack my bag for vacation, I notice a trend: I inevitably reach for all of my MISA Los Angeles pieces to create my vacay looks. Clearly her brand’s guiding philosophy is being perfectly reflected in her collections, because there I am travelling the world one MISA Los Angeles outfit at a time. 


There are a few brands that I connect with on a style level, and then there are those fashion houses that get me on a deeper level. So, when I’m asked to describe my fashion sense, I say sophisticated, feminine, and playful, but if I had to describe who I am and how that is reflected through my style… that’s a whole other ball game. Whether it’s a sandy walk on an exotic beach or gallivanting through foreign streets, my clothes reveal my inner spirit: I’m free, I’m happy, and I’m ready for anything. I dream up the next big adventure and set my inner boho loose, leaping from one exotic place to another, by land, by sea, or by dream!

Misa Los Angels is available at BILLIE boutique in Montreal on Laurier street.

Photography by Patricia Brochu