Sleek and Sexy Ronny Kobo

I’ve always been someone who takes pride in how I dress and how I present myself whenever I leave my house. Everything from clothing and accessories to hair and makeup are ways for me to express my personality and reflect my unique sense of style to the world. Some might not think this matters, but I truly believe that if you lead with self-respect—which for me takes shape in looking well kept—then people will follow suit. It’s really not about wearing expensive clothes and luxury brands, it’s about being put together; it kind of subconsciously says, “hey I care about me, so you should too.” Does that make sense?


I know for certain one woman definitely agrees with me and that woman has built an empire based on the premise that it’s important to put a little effort into how you dress. Having said that, she also says that feeling comfortable in your clothes is right up there on the priority list. In her fashion-forward, trendsetting collection, Ronny Kobo creates edgy, sleek and sexy pieces that are all infused with her signature style. I know whenever I wear one of my many Ronny Kobo people gush over the fit, fabric, and distinct elements that make it absolutely one of a kind.


Ronny Kobo hit the fashion scene in 2009 with an accessory line as well as TORN by Ronny Kobo. In a natural evolution that succeeds whenever celebrities flock to a designer, Ronny Kobo expanded her fashion house and The Ronny Kobo Collection was launched. Each piece designed by Ronny Kobo is highly tailored to fit every woman’s silhouette, because at the core of it all, if you want to look good, you have to dress for your body type.

Born in Tel Aviv, Ronny Kobo has a strong love for languages, culture, travel, and adventure. She has visited so many places all over the world, and she weaves in the remarkable architecture and décor through her collections whether in the print, small detail, or overall look and feel. With a home-base in NYC , Ronny Kobo’s creativity is in full bloom as her imaginative, adventurous, bohemian chic, modern clothes are brought to life in the busiest city in the world . She’s fun, she’s sassy, she’s friendly, yet, as Ronny Kobo once said, she’s slightly untouchable.

Ronny Kobo has a cult-following of A-list celebrities. If you ever had a chance to slip your body into one of her garments, you’ll know exactly why. Personally, I love the vibrant colours she uses, the nostalgic patterns, the daring silhouettes, and if I do say so myself, the perfect fit – I have never had to tailor a single piece of hers!


I rocked my red silk Ronny Kobo slip dress for this year’s New York Fashion Week. As I paid homage to one of my favourite designers, I strutted her hometown streets with a serious confidence boost. The fabric felt sexy on my skin, the René Caovilla pumps (exclusively at Holts), my metallic silver Balenciaga purse, and my Something Jewelry accessories. I fit right in at the Noon by Noor fashion show—all the metallics and silky fabrics—everything seemed to align perfectly. Strutting around in a Ronny Kobo look, I just felt so fierce feminine; what I believe is the very essence of the brand. Kobo’s creative freedom is expressed in every aspect of her designs and there’s nothing I love more than wearing a brand I feel truly aligned with.

Photography by Patricia Brochu