Lia’s Boho Bash

Some of my favourite memories are the simple pleasures in life: playing board games with my kids, relaxing in the chalet, or enjoying a nice meal together as a family. But, a few times a year, I get to express my inner hostess and throw crazy fun parties for the people I love. Whether it’s a birthday party for one of my children, a milestone event in a friend’s life, or a holiday dinner, parties are my way of getting creative and pulling all at aspects of a theme to curate one. fantastic. party.

My little Lia is no longer so little and so her 9th birthday party was the perfect occasion to switch things up and create an environment that was reminiscent of her favourite place on earth… Camp Wingate! This year, Lia insisted that she is not a kid anymore and doesn’t want the usual girlie stuff (omg, yes, this is really happening!), so we pulled together a sophisticated camp scene that was complete with teepees, s’mores, fun camp-style activities, and a guest list that was s throwback to her weeks spent at Wingate.

Maddy K (@maddykatelier) recently launched her new venue @themaddykatelier. The room is in Ville Saint Laurent and is absolutely stunning. She designed the space to feel like a blank canvas – the best way to transform it into anything your heart desires! She took care of the entire event from front to finish and she certainly did not leave a single leaf unturned. The vibe was intimate and charming, I honestly felt when we walked in like it was a serene and magical camp ground, I mean those chairs were stunning @tenuedesoiree_. The ceilings are high so the room feels immense and the lighting is spot on, legit, you can snap the optimal pics in this space.

Intimate, earthy and woodsy, the theme carried through to everything from décor to food and even loot bags (@ateliergourmandine). There were dream catchers everywhere, floral arrangements that were rustic and added so much flare (@aura_design), and every detail was personalized by @kvprintbar who placed Lia’s name on lunchboxes, stickers and so much more. It was kind of dreamy! There was even a beautiful number 9 on the bar by @marqueeletters – I was seriously blown away by how well everything came together.

The food was a kid’s paradise. We had lunchboxes prepared for each guest so their portions were all ready to go – super picnic style. @cheftonyrinaldi created a simple, kid-friendly menu of pizza, crudité and juice box. It was easy and when you make food that kids like, you know they’ll eat well. But they all saved space in their bellies for the treats (so did I!)!

The sweet table was out of control. We had Rice Krispies with feathers and chocolate cake pops decorated bohemian style, the cake was tribal in pastels and evoked that woodsy feel. @sweetartmtl did a fantastic job of weaving together the perfect colour palette and yummiest tasting treats. Let’s not forget de delicious donuts from @doughnats that is staple in our family. A lemonade stand and a candy bar… I mean the kids had their pick of the litter. When they sat at their place setting, there was a lovely hamsa cookie made by @toutesweetcookies and they were delightful.

The activities included glitter tattoos, because you can take the girlie out of the kid but you can’t take the kid out of the girl! I even lined up to get one… so did Lev, lol! Something Funky @thebeadlady brought an insane collection of beads and charms and the kids were able to create their own jewelry.  

Cotton candy machines have been around since forever, but brought out a cotton candy buffet that allowed the kids to pick their own sugar and colour – it made all the difference. That, and they brought along a popcorn machine and balloons that added the perfect colour and playfulness.

Throwing a party with a professional event designer, who basically has the best eye in the city when it comes to décor, made it so the party went off without a hitch. @Maddykatelier has amazing contacts, so she was able to organize, host, and coordinate all the suppliers from furniture with @sofatogo to hiring all new talent and to create a one-of a kind party. I’ll definitely use the space again for a dinner party or birthday party, or maybe even a book signing if I ever write one of those!

Every kid is different, and if you know my children you know I’m talking from personal experience. This party was the perfect fit for my Lia, and the low-maintenance basketball party we threw for Neva under our garage was the perfect fit for her. I’m not a professional event designer like my friend @maddykatelier, but I do know a thing or two about being a mom. The boho bash was Lia’s birthday wish come true, and I’m so happy that we all pulled together our greatest efforts to make her dream a reality!

Thank you everyone! This is a party we will never forget.

Photography by Coline Bachelier