Emmanuel Mavridakis

Emmanuel Mavridakis

As most of you are already aware, two very dear friends of mine experienced the worst nightmare any  parent could dream, (or fear) of.  On July 6, 2013, Emmanuel Mavridakis, 13 years old at the time, was hit by a speeding car and was pronounced 98% dead when he arrived at the Cowansville hospital, nearest to the site of the accident. Emmanuel was quickly rushed to the Sherbrooke hospital where 40 emergency doctors waited for him. He experienced major spinal cord injury, severe internal trauma, a punctured lung and 8 broken ribs. He had some skin lacerations so deep in his leg that caused multiple infections during his recovery. Due to the  severity of his condition, Emmanuel was placed in an induced coma and underwent surgery to repair his severed spine -2 metal plates and 7 screws were needed to repair the T1 and T2 damage to his vertebrae. 

Emmanuel is now paralyzed from the waist down and bound to a wheelchair, but this has not affected his spirit and his determination to walk again. Ask him, and he will tell you " I WILL walk again"!  He spent several months at Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre undergoing intense physical therapy and continues to be an outpatient there. Emmanuel's condition requires a lot of physical therapy and his chances of walking again depend heavily on your support. There is a machine called the Loko-Mat Pro; a robotic gait therapy, simulating the act of walking while being harnessed and suspended onto a moving treadmill. Currently, there are 8 Loko-Mats in Canada, unfortunately NONE in Quebec, so he, and his incredibly devoted parents travel every second weekend to Toronto so that he can use this highly advanced and extremely expensive apparatus. The cost of the machine including hospital set up and training.....$650,000 !!! To date, the family has raised close to $200,000 with the support of friends and family like yourselves. 

vintage sale

There will be a luxury vintage sale with top designer labels on JUNE 12 from 12-9 pm at 2255 Lambert Closse #1 with amazing fashion, and accessories at incredible prices.  Money raised will go directly towards the purchase of the Loko-Mat. Please spread the word and come support the cause. You CAN make a difference. Meet this young man and I guarantee it will change your life. He is an inspiration to me every day!

I am asking you all please to help Emmanuel and other kids like him to get one step closer to their dream of walking again. 

Donations may be made directly to the foundation, you may go online to : Fondation Mélio 

or call 514-723-8950. 

Thank you all,

Mademoiselle Jules