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The Westmount Greenhouses is one my favorite oases in Montreal. It was originally built in 1927 by Lord & Burnham.  You can admire a banana tree, orchids, deep purple hyacinths and much more.  It's gorgeous and free to visit.  It's also much larger than it appears from the outside, with rooms opening up onto other rooms.  Many of the rooms contain fountains, chairs and tables in the corners. This is a fabulous place to read or meet up with a friend and chat. I can hang out here for hours. It's peaceful and cozy, the perfect antidote to getting through a long winter on its way!

mademoiselle jules greenhouse fashion trend blog
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Pairing designer purses with H&M or Zara is my specialty! I love to mix high and lower end items- it’s all about taking a runway trend and incorporating it into your wardrobe in a way that doesn’t break the bank.  I spend on classic designer bags, shoes and accessories that are timeless.  Then I shop at Zara, H&M or other local boutiques for the season trendiest pieces. 

Before I buy an item, I ask myself and make sure I can think of at least three existing things in my closet that will go with it and that I don’t have anything similar.  To keep myself from impulse buying, I’ll put the item on hold, sleep on it and if the next morning I still think about it, it’s worth it!

mademoiselle jules mlle greenhouse fashion trends
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Sweather & skirt : Zara

Purse: Chloé from Intermix

Sunglasses : Céline from Cahier d'Exercice

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bracelet : Ketllebell Jewels from New Social Class

Earrings : Pamela Love from Otte

Photography by: Patricia Brochu

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