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There’s an incredible feeling that rushes over me every time I walk into a hotel. Having all these beautiful amenities under one roof with the adventure of travelling can only result in total bliss. When I heard about the revamp at the W Hotel here in Montreal, I couldn’t wait to explore the glamorous new suites.

The inspiration behind the huge remodel was the duality of its location, situated both at the heart of the modern and lively financial district as well as the historic Old Port. The seamless fusion of these worlds along with the wonders we attribute to the W brand are seen and felt in the 152 renovated suites. What better reason to celebrate?!

w double take party at the w hotel montreal

The event was nothing short of fabulous! The moment you waltzed into the ultra sleek lobby, you we’re ushered to the tenth floor, where fashion and design were at the forefront of it all. With four styles of suites including Modern, Classic, Summer and Winter scenes, each room transported you to its unique ambiance. With signature cocktails, tapas, and models donning themed looks by local designers to top it off, the party echoed throughout the entire floor.

In light of the W’s notorious party rep, the cocktail corner is a focal point in each room, allowing guests to take a piece of the lounge back up with them. From marvelling in the multitude of wonderful designs, the crowd eventually moved down to the infamous Plateau Lounge where DJ Abeille, Laurence and Camille, followed by Milk & Bone, took center stage. The evening ended with more cocktails and music by DJ Andrew Wyatt.

W hotels worldwide are definitely some of the most chic with their ultra modern minimalist take on design that I personally can’t get enough of. I love staying at the W South Beach for weekend getaways with my hubby, where I can spend days lounging poolside and noshing at their fab restaurants. I’ve also had the pleasure of staying at the W Barcelona – all incredible experiences and memories.

Congratulations to the W Hotel for completing a perfect redesign, as well as a special thanks to @marianik for throwing another amazing event!!! 

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