Lululemon Only in Canada
mademoiselle jules fitness ambassador for lululemon OM canada blog lifestyle

Since Lululemon opened over 15 years ago, it has prided itself in being more than just a retail store. Its brand identity is unique to each community, bringing together like-minded people who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. Their most recent campaign, OM Canada, is a celebration of this phenomenon that has spread symbiotically with the active wear collection we all love and support. Each store functions as an autonomous entity and has organized special events specifically tailored to their respective community. 

mademoiselle jules fitness ambassador for lululemon OM canada blog lifestyle

As a brand ambassador for the Westmount store, I am proud to announce that our OM Canada is all about Barre Class, Ladies who Lunch, and Weekends Up North. Our community is into trying new activities, empowering women, and enjoying the simple things in life, all while holding family and friendship above the rest. Our special events scheduled from October 7-10, are fun activities to be enjoyed with friends or the whole family.

On October 7th, the “I am Canadian” Beer and Poutine Bootcamp will be held from 6-9pm at Westmount Park near the splash pad (corner of Sherbrooke & Melville). Come and join Matt Goult from Blackout Fitness for a hockey-drill inspired bootcamp class followed by some tasty poutine and Molson beer. On October 10th, join the

Run Club to the Summit with Treats at 9am with Marcus Tomiuk. Every week, join fellow running enthusiasts and challenge your skills with others who share your passion.

Then on October 11th, enjoy Sunday Morning Yoga with Tea & Cookies at 10am at the Westmount Store. Amanda Chicoine will lead the 55-minute class and mats will be provided to those who don’t bring their own. 

Join us for a weekend full of fun activities where you can meet and mingle with other active members of the community. I look forward to seeing you all there ☺

Photography by Patricia Brochu