Mandy's salad bar in Old Montreal
Mandy's salad bar old montreal foodblog mademoiselle jules mlle restaurant

Ladies and Gentleman, the Wolfe sisters have done it again! Mandy and Rebecca have opened yet another Mandy's Salad Bar, but in Old Montreal this time. It is a given to say that I am a fan of their delicious salads, so much so that this is my second post about them. Ask anyone close to me how many times I eat Mandy's in a week, and they will answer 3 times or more without hesitation.

I frequent the Westmount location to pick up a savoury salad after my workouts, but their downtown spot on Crescent is where I go when I need to refuel from shopping or relax with a little "me time" while getting a pedi at Rouge Nail Bar across the street. Alright, so enough about me and more about their new location.

Mandy's salad bar old montreal foodblog mademoiselle jules mlle restaurant

Mandy’s Old Montreal is more unique in it's concept this time, and not only because this is their biggest space to-date with around seventy-five seats, not including the terrasse that will open during their spring and summer months, but because it is the first to offer breakfast and alcohol. How exciting! Their curated selection of wine, beer and bubbly was handpicked by sommelier and Nora Grey co-owner, Ryan Grey. You can enjoy a glass of your choosing, along with their homemade juices and non-alcoholic beverages at their eye-catching bar. Their breakfast menu offers avocado toast and handcrafted granola parfait bowls. Yum!

What is truly special about this new locale and specific to the Old Port is an extended menu presenting brand new grain-based dishes which I cannot wait to try. What I have tried, loved and are now my favorites, is their Thai Chicken salad, their Seoul Bowl and the Salade de Thon Saisi. Mouthwatering to say the least. They also continue to provide products in their largest-ever market area appropriately called The Market, items from local Montreal suppliers #supportlocal.

Mandy's salad bar old montreal foodblog mademoiselle jules mlle restaurant

As a lover of all things design and decor, it wouldn't be fair to not talk about what Rebecca and Mandy have created for their new space. It will have you Instagraming, Snapchatting and Tweeting instantaneously!!! If you have ever been in a Mandy's Salad Bar I am sure you have scoured the walls and bent over backwards  seeking out every one of their pictures alongside their quirky furnishings and fixtures while patiently waiting for your delectable salad. With their Old Montreal venue, the sisters have meshed elements from Palm Springs and Paris which makes for a very eclectic and original dining experience. They paired black-and-white Parisian-tiled floors with custom made palm trees and flamingo murals. They handpicked every chandelier, wall sconce, piece of artwork, antique, and item of furniture. They also collaborated with a local millworker who built their bar and banquettes from scratch. This vision come to life gives for a very tropical/jungle feel along with a sleek and cool art deco vibe. So even if you have already eaten and are strolling through Old Montreal, pop in for quick peek at their eclectic design, or better yet, order a salad to go. With their delicious dressing on the side, their salads are just as scrumptious the next day!

Mandy's Old Montreal definitely has my stamp of approval and is the perfect place to have a bite with your bestie, mom, date, other half. Basically anyone who is old enough to eat solid food and hold their own fork. It is also a beautiful and unique environment for meetings, 5 à 7, large groups and private events. 

Mandy's salad bar old montreal foodblog mademoiselle jules mlle restaurant rebecca wolfe with blogger mlle jules

Mandy and Rebecca undeniably make healthy, clean-eating chic and easy. 

Well done ladies! 

Mandy's salad bar old montreal foodblog mademoiselle jules mlle restaurant

Photography by Patricia Brochu