Juliette Rose at Soubois
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Let me begin by saying that this blogger life is not too shabby. I receive pretty little packages at my door (who doesn't love a gift), attend jetset events whenever I can (mommy of three here so let's be real) and get lots of love from my followers (the best part of this life). With all that being said, I definitely had to say yes when I received an invitation to be Soubois' Juliette Rose for a night.

Soubois' concept is all about the ladies. They say that the Juliette Rose is the most expensive rose ever developed. It is known as the 3 million dollar rose and that they will treat you as such. I was curious but mostly excited to find out what that meant AND I got to experience it with 3 of my girlfriends.

The evening began with a bottle of champagne sent to my house from Soubois to set the mood. And let me tell you that it did. Already my girls and I have a blast on a natural high so adding a little bubbly always amps up the fun! Since they were aware that we would be drinking before, they sent a limousine to pick us up which was greatly appreciated cause piling 4 very enthusiastic women into a taxi or Uber is an experience in itself that I'm not sure the driver wants. Lol!

Girls night out !

Girls night out !

Once we arrived at Soubois, the real adventure began and it was a 4 service culinary one. The only way to describe how delicious the food was is to look at my pictures. I mean, come on! The presentation of the dishes was grandiose and the smell was heavenly not to mention the taste was devine. I was lucky to have my BFF and sister-in-law with me cause they eat well and sampled everything on all the plates when I couldn't keep going. Nothing was left untouched, from the appetizers to the seafood platter, to the meat platter to the yummy dessert. And to top it all off, they paired a decadent glass of wine with each course! Talk about being pampered!

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What I like about Soubois is that it is a supperclub. Which means you can have supper, and then stay for the club. I find this very convenient cause I am no longer in my twenties and having to schlep from the restaurant to a cab, then to the club, wait outside, get inside, it's crowded, can't get a drink blah blah blah is no longer fun for this let's say, mature women now. So when the music came on full blast, we were already inside and living it up!

I thought that after dinner, our Juliette Rose experience was over, but it wasn't. They spoiled us yet again with another bottle of champagne and gave us a nice spot to dance our asses off. Now as you all know I am a lover of food, but I love music more and the DJ did not disappoint. There was a good balance between house and R&B that made us groove cause I believe great music is key to a successful night out. In fact, it was so successful that we didn't want to leave, but my morning responsibilities were creeping up in the back of my mind and as it kept getting later and later, my conscience dragged me home. Needless to say we reluctantly called and Uber and our poor driver in his dodge caravan had to listen to us all the way home!

I spoke to my girlfriends the next day and we all agreed that the experience was one not to be missed. I highly recommend you be Juliette Rose for a night and feel like a million bucks, or should I say 3 million ;-)

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