Dress: Pitusa

Dress: Pitusa

I am fortunate to be able to travel the world and see what it has in store. There is something so refreshing and exciting about learning a new culture, absorbing their language and tasting their food. This year's adventure took my husband and I to Greece. Specifically Mykonos. I must mention that we had been there before, 13 years ago to be exact, with a group of friends. We were not a couple when we arrived, but definitely a couple when we left. Mykonos holds a special place in our hearts and it was great to go back.

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The thing about Mykonos is that everybody loves it! Countless people vacation there for their beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. And like every city, it has it's own charm and old school wonder like their lovely churches, the Little Venice seafront and the impressive Alefkandra windmills. I honestly couldn't get enough and I knew right away that upon my return I would talk about my adventures. 

I will first begin by saying that our trip to Greece was to celebrate two of our very good friend's birthdays, but before that, my husband and I booked some time in Paris. We told those specific friends that we couldn't make it so it would be a surprise but believe it or not we bumped into one of those two friends!!! She was was visiting family before Mykonos and it never and I mean never crossed our minds that we would see her. There are 10 million people in Paris and we fall face to face with her!!!!! What are the odds!!! Needless to say that she wasn't pleased at first since we said that we couldn't go on vacation, but she put two and two together and realized why we were there. We definitely had a good laugh and the bright side was that our other friend was still oblivious.  

Principote beach Club

Principote beach Club

When we arrived in Mykonos, we headed to meet everyone at Principote and our surprise was a success! The look on his face was priceless. Once the hugs and kisses were passed around to everyone, I got to take in the beauty of the place. This beach bar and restaurant underwent a massive transformation in 2016 and was re-branded Principaute de Mykonos and does not disappoint. White sands, comfy sunbeds, delicious cocktails, decadent food and the music by DJ David Morales kept me grooving well into the night. He played all the old classics and I felt 18 again, till I woke up the next morning. But hey, I was on vacation, so it was worth it.

While the rest of our friends stayed in Villas, my hubby and I decided to stay at the Greco Philia Luxury Hotel located in Elia Beach. It is set on the cliffs above the beach with sea views. It was very romantic and our villa was secluded with a huge terrace and our own private pool. It was the perfect spot to reconnect with my husband. 

Greco phillia boutique hotel in Mykonos, travel blogger mademoieselle jules

The next day the crew met us at Alemagou. We had decided to head out earlier for breakfast and my goodness was it good! So far my meals in Mykonos were hitting it out of the park. I had not remembered the food being so yummy. Anyways, this all day beach bar and restaurant in Ftelia has a bohemian vibe that you wouldn't expect to find in Mykonos. It was rough around the edges but remained elegant and refined all at the same time. Needless to say that our friends went back there more than once!

Alemagou beach Club

Alemagou beach Club

So as you can probably guess by now that it was beaches during the day and restaurants at night. What else is there to do on when you are on a paradise island on vacation 😉 

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Another place we went to was Scorpios. This place blew me away! Scorpios is nestled on a peninsula between Paraga and Platis Gialos and is recognized as the hippest new beach club in Mykonos. It has a spectacular view across the open sea and a breathtaking sunset. It is the perfect place to chill with friends, especially when the sun goes down and the firepit emerges. It truly feels like you're on a private campground for adults only. The only thing missing was the Smores. 

spilia restaurant mykonos, travel blogger mademoiselle jules

Next up was Spilia for a special dinner and music by our friend/DJ. Visually stunning is how I would describe this restaurant. It is literally in a cave perfectly nestled on a platform of rocks over the sea. Spilia has been around for 30 years and with good reason. Their dishes are an authentic culinary experience. Their seafood is straight from the Aegean sea, their pasta is fresh and their vegetables seasoned perfectly. We ate like royalty and danced the night away. 

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(PS: you can also dance the night away in an actual club called Void. It is the place to be with all the best DJ's from around the world spinning there.)

Now don't get me wrong, luxurious dinners is always a must, but sometimes a girl needs a souvlaki from the local souvlaki spot and Souvlaki Story (yup I wrote souvlaki again) has the best yeeros/pitas around. They were so good that I have been dreaming about them. No joke. If and when we return to Mykonos, it will be one of the first places I will go! 

souvlaki story

souvlaki story

To conclude, this vacation was one of peace and party. The perfect combo, but most of all, it was just so lovely to be surrounded by our friends who are family and experience this beautiful adventure together.


Fashion Pictures by Patricia Brochu