MORRIS & CO. x H&M Collaboration

Walking through Rockland (as I do a few times a month!), I peeked into H&M to see what was new. There’s always something to buy there, but that afternoon, something caught my eye.

H&M is known for putting together fabulous collaborations with some of the world’s most renown artists and fashion designers (think Moschino!). These collabs are intense, I swear, they release launch dates and line ups form outside their store doors – even on the coldest winter days. I shop at H&M often enough to be in the know about what’s new and what’s about to be released, but for some reason, I hadn’t gotten notice about this one outstanding collaboration. My enthusiasm is not disproportionate to how amazing this collab was… trust me!

morris & co pantsuit

So, in I walk to the store as though magnetically drawn to the clothes. There was something so delicate yet strong about each piece – not to mention, nostalgic – the prints were traditional and emblematic of medieval times or the romantic era, and I felt immediately transported. I also felt as though I had seen the patterns before somewhere. I tried on a few pieces and instantly (and spontaneously, I swear I wasn’t at Rockland to shop for clothes!) bought 3 items I couldn’t live without.

The pieces I bought were part of the Autumn collaboration with WILLIAM MORRIS & CO., a British interior brand founded in 1861 by William Morris. He has a vast archive of well-known prints and patterns used for wallpapers and other interior textiles. I know this because when I got home I started googling like crazy – I had to know what this collection was all about. Morris’ patterns are iconic and so it’s amazing that Morris & Co. x H&M made their connection and brought the world of design together even closer by introducing an interiors brand designer into the fashion world. Opening his artwork up for a whole new audience is what fashion is all about.

skirt morris & co

I bought this pantsuit that I am absolutely obsessed with. It’s got the all-over Pimpernel pattern in the most delicate blue tones. It’s perfect to wear year-round. It’s sophisticated and understated, yet still manages to feel bold in a subtle kinda way. I can wear the pants with a sweater, or the blazer with jeans to mix and match, but honestly, the full suit has such a wow effect, I just love it!

Photo 2018-10-19, 11 42 18 AM.png
Photo 2018-10-19, 11 41 58 AM.png

I paired the skirt with a big, cozy, mustard yellow sweater. It’s such a go-to fall look for me. The skirt is the Morris & Co. Marigold print complete with pleats, which is such a great added feature. I can wear the skirt with boots for the fall or sandals in the summer. A super versatile piece, I think it’ll quickly become one of my favourite vacation must-haves!

Photo 2018-10-19, 12 06 33 PM.png

Walk into H&M or browse online to see for yourself how immaculate this collection is… you’ll fall in love too!

Happy shopping!

Photography by Patricia Brochu