Hot Gifts from Holt Renfrew

With gift-giving season around the corner, I’m doubling up on my gift guide so I can help you buy the best presents for the special people in your life. It’s to my estimation that gifts for men are super simple: if your guy likes sports, then a golf day or a new tennis racket; if your guy loves to host, then a nice bottle of his favourite alcohol or a special cigar (or cigar set), if your guy is a reader or a business fanatic then a great book (about a financial guru!) or a nice pocket square for his favourite suit. No matter the kind of man, I knock his gift off easily. It’s the women I struggle with!

Women have their preferences when it comes to skin care so unless you’re replenishing their empty vials, then you’re basically saying, “here, you need this…” which may or may not go off so well! But the truth is that I love giving the gift of beauty and skin care because we all need to take care of ourselves, and let’s face it, most women either don’t take the time to dedicate to their skin nor do they spend the money on themselves (and some of the products out there run steep).

I’m not a difficult person when it comes to gifts – I am so grateful for all that I have that anything anyone gets for me is an added bonus. But, if someone hands over any one of these amazing products, I would be beyond grateful – I don’t think it says, “hey, you need this.” No. Instead it says, “hey, take some time to yourself and indulge a little, you deserve it!” So, here is my must-have beauty and skin care products that will tell the woman in your life that you appreciate her.



Whether you know how to style your hair or not, the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer will make you feel like a professional. The speed is intense, you can legit dry your hair in under 3 minutes. For women who like to shower in the morning, but don’t have enough time to dry their hair before they step out into the freezing cold weather… this one’s for you. It’s worth every single penny. It works like magic and it’s also really pretty. Another bonus: it’s so quiet. I don’t have to worry about waking up my kids if I’m doing my hair for work in the morning or a party at night.



Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale is a new scent inspired by Angelina Jolie – fierce, bold, and sexy as hell. A delicate combination of jasmine, lavender, and peony, this perfume smells like a pretty bouquet of flowers – it reminds me of summer days. There is hint of vanilla to add an even more feminine mystique to the scent, and of course, the bottle. A gorgeous glass bottle with rose gold detail – the perfect decoration for your make up table or bathroom counter.



Although clean beauty feels like an obvious thing these days, we still can’t readily find it everywhere, but Holt Renfrew is stocked. Bastide Aix en Provence is one of the most incredible companies. I love their philosophy: “plenty of water, plants, light, and balance. None of the nasties. No questionable ingredients.” They’re luxuriously simple. Love it! The packaging is delicate and the products are clean. I love their array of scents, two of my favourites are the Figue d’Été and the Rose Olivier. All made in France for a touch of exotic.



The name says it all: Capture Youth. Yes please! They have a very diverse and highly advanced serum treatment to help nourish and texturize your skin, plump and naturally fill, and provide a glow that boosts and energizes the skin. You can pick up one product or use a combo of their creams, either way you’ll see immediate results. Dior really knows what they’re doing. My favourites are the Age-Delay Advance Crème, Plump Filler Age-Delay Plumping Serum, and Glow Booster Age-Delay Illuminating Serum all part of the Capture Youth collection.




Lipstick is such an amazing add-on gift or stocking stuffer. I personally love adding a touch of colour to my face with a vibrant red or a soft pink; my face is only complete once the glossy or matte touch of colour hits my lips. Sometimes I match my lips to my shoes, sometimes to a detail in my outfit, sometimes I wear lipstick to pick me up and make me feel fancy, sometimes I put on lipstick while I play dress up with my girls. Lipstick is an essential and I love having a rainbow to choose from. Dior’s lipsticks (the Addict collection,  the lacquer, or liquid satin) also have expert-oils packed into them to help glide on easily, improve moisture and hydrate, and make your lips look voluptuous.

Shopping is made easy when you know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s made even easier when you only have one store to go to – you can find everything you need at Holt Renfrew, valet parking and all! Roll in, shop around, grab a bite to eat, and start checking off your list. Don’t feel like leaving your house? All of these products are available online. Now that’s easy.

Happy Shopping!

photography by Patricia Brochu