The Gift of Time by Valmont
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As a blogger, I tend to receive lots of products throughout one week. Especially beauty products. The girl in me is thrilled and is dying to try them all, but the blogger in me is a little more selective as I want to give my followers the real deal about the items I pick because I like to give the goods I try the full run. If the company says use the product for 28 days day and night, then I do it so I really get the full benefits for myself and for you. This time, trying Valmont's Prime Renewing Pack and Time Master Intensive Program was a no brainer. I have written a post about their detox cream and spa experience so I already knew I would love these products.

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Prime renewing pack 

This product is great for when your skin is laking a little colour and needs a pick me up. Needless to say that our fine Canadian weather doesn't do much good to one’s skin (and mood). So with the help of Valmont and their Prime Renewing Pack, I can give my skin the much needed coup d’éclat whenever I feel like. Their buttery non-greasy mask smoothes and relaxes fine lines, eliminates toxins and impurities, illuminates the complexion and erases fatigue in record time! And it can be used 3 different ways. A little can be worn everyday under your day cream, or as a 3 to 5 minute mask for those busier days or a 20 minute mask when you actually have time to yourself. I do a variation of each mask depending on my day, and I without a doubt see an improvement in the appearance of my skin. So even if you are tired, at least you won't look it!

Valmont cosmetics beauty blogger mademoiselle jules mlle

Time Master Intensive Program

Their gold-banded vials are youth in a bottle, I kid you not. It works on all skin types rebalancing hydration and boosting cell energy all while restoring firmness and elasticity and since taking care of myself is part of my new year’s resolutions, I am determined to give my 40 year old skin the benefits it needs. Their selection of cutting-edge ingredients wield their effectiveness on three essential factors of skin aging with hyaluronic acids, liposomes, Elastin Revivers and Cocktail Peptides. The components are transported deep into the skin in record time by an incredibly smooth nano-emulsion and right after applying it, my complexion is instantly illuminated and I swear my shadows and fine lines disappear. Valmont boasts that this product turns back the clock in 28 days and I believe it because I see results. It's also reassuring that to know that Valmont doesn't mess around when it comes to their high end luxury products and delivers what they claim their products can and will do.

Valmont cosmetics beauty blogger mademoiselle jules mlle

So give me newfound youth by erasing fatigue, wiping out shadows, eliminating fine lines and other signs of passing time and I am a fan for life! 

Valmont cosmetics beauty blogger Mademoiselle jules

Photography by Patricia Brochu