How I Eat, Drink, and Think

As most of you well know by now, I’ve been working at achieving my pre-baby body not only in weight but in tone and overall health. I posted a while ago about my weight-loss journey and workout routines with Vic Park (and especially with Val, like the 30-day challenge). I achieved my goal at the end of 2018 and since then, it’s been all about maintenance. A lot of keeping the weight off has to do with maintaining a structured, yet balanced, exercise routine, but it also has a ton to do with what I eat.

Many people ask me about what I eat in a day, especially friends who see that when it comes to food, I will never sacrifice a meal – or the quality and taste! How do I keep it off and still stuff my face? It’s about quality foods that have high nutritious value. I love eating, because for me, it’s not just about tasting delicious food, it’s also about enjoying the prep and cooking part, sitting down to a meal with family or friends, and making memories.

“Dieting” is just not a realistic lifestyle. I try to be mindful, because as the age-old adage says: “you are what you eat,” and I just don’t want to be a crumpled old bag of greasy chips, I want to be a lean tree with vibrant colour (ok, so not exactly hoping to be broccoli, but you see where I’m going with this!).

So, you asked, and I, your humble servant, deliver. Here is what a typical day-in-the-life of me consists of:


tea and water.jpg

1 cup of warm water & 1/2 a freshly lemon squeezed (lemons from ecollogey)

Sometimes I prepare this the night before and put it in my David’s Tea thermos on my night table so I have it when I wake up nicely infused (I also often drink the 911 or a nice, warm green tea around 4pm or before going to bed).

global glow super elixir mademoiselle jules

2 cups of water with 2 teaspoons of super elixir alkaline drink.

This gives me so much energy and I love the taste (global glow)

1 (sometimes 2) coconut lattes - I know caffeine isn’t great for you, but I can’t help myself! Also, I tried Bulletproof coffee… it didn’t work for me!

coffe coconut cream.jpg
julie sipping.jpg


I work out 5 times a week. While I’m at the gym, I always drink water with collagen and fresh lemon squeezed (and a few slices in there as well). Weather permitting I love to run outside or just do outdoor sports to keep active.

After my work out, I drink my shake that my hubby made me (or I just grab Rejuice)
Almond milk, super elixir protein, 1/2 banana, almond butter, cinnamon


I usually have a salad like a grab-n-go from Mandy’s, or a sit-down at Côté Cuisine. I opt for mostly greens and protein, and stay away from dairy and gluten.

When I don’t have time to get to a resto or pick up, I go home and eat standing at the counter (like most moms!)

I’ll have a 1 egg + 2 egg white puff with mushrooms, spinach, parsley or chives and piment d’espelette. I throw the ingredients in a muffin tin and grab one as needed!

julie salad.jpg

I love my SNACKS – and if I prepare well, I’ll rarely get off track. I keep a few items handy to keep me on course:

-       Mid-Day Square

-       Green Juice – I love the @KGMTL (rejuice)

-       10 almonds and a green juice (vic park)

-       A piece of chocolate (because as long as it’s not a diet, then it’s not cheating! LOL)

midday square rejuice.jpg


I love tea, so sometimes when I think I’m hungry, I actually just want something yummy to sip on. I love green tea and sometimes I indulge in a Matcha latte (Livia Matcha Bar)

I don’t drink much alcohol, but if I do, it’s 2 glasses of wine a week.

mademoiselle jules et global glow


For dinner I do protein (fish or chicken) with a big side of veggies. I try to never eat carbs at night. And by night, I mean 5pm, because that’s when we eat at my house!

I also love a full vegetarian night. Steamed veggies and/or a nice salad – it’s an easy go-to dinner that is super filling and really nutritious. I often check out some of Montreal’s food and health influencers for inspiration (@wiseeats @kgmtlkitchen @cleaneatinggoddess)

 I’m a real fish lover, so sushi is always on rotation in my house. I’ll cheat with a pizza night, but I’ll balance with a one-day juice cleanse.


The most important takeaway is that you are what you eat, drink, breathe, and think.

So eat well, stay hydrated, breathe deeply, and think positive thoughts.

I’ve noticed that the better I eat, the better I sleep. I also have more energy and just feel generally better about myself. I look better which makes me happy, and I’m happy which makes me feel better. Simple, right?

dinner on plate.jpg

If you aren’t sure you can do it, then just think about this powerful statement: it takes 21 days to change a habit. So set your goal, check your will power, and get prepared. I was raised in a French bakery, always surrounded by pastry and delicious breads. If I could kick my lifelong carb habits, then you can do it too!

Bon Appetit!

Photography by Patricia Brochu