An Ode to Charlotte Tilbury

Sometimes a brand hits the scene and it’s like all the stars are aligned: the perfect product, the perfect packaging, and the perfect price point. That’s how I (and many, many others) feel about Charlotte Tilbury. The Charlotte Tilbury line discovered (or invented) industry secrets that have made them the makeup and beauty company to look out for. I have dozens of products from Charlotte Tilbury that have quickly become my essentials. 

Raised in an artistic home, Charlotte Tilbury grew up in Ibiza surrounded by creative types. Always inspired to find her own ways to channel her inner artist, she eventually found her way into the makeup world. Now, Charlotte is a highly established beauty mogul and a trusted go-to for anyone who knows what’s up in makeup. Having created a line that is unparalleled in the industry, Charlotte Tilbury products all have star-power making them each instant must-haves for your personal beauty counter.

I have boatloads of favourites from Charlotte Tilbury, specifically the Pillow Talk collection, which has won beauty awards and is always completely sold out. Here is a (not-so-short) list of my Charlotte Tilbury staples.

Magic Cream

It’s been said that Charlotte’s Magic Cream gives your “Tilbury skin” and although I’m not 100% sure what that means, I can attest to the fact that the cream is in fact magical. Since I started using the cream, my skin is luminous and so smooth, almost dewy. They call it the Magic Cream because there are 8 magic ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E, BioNymph Peptide Complex (stimulates collagen), Rosehip Oil (for a radiant glow), Camellia Oil, Aloe Vera, Frangipani Extract (kind of a mouthful but super moisturizing and calming, which is an added bonus), and Shea Butter (for deep nourishment). Basically, the blend is magical and you will only believe when you try it for yourself.

Luxury Palette

“Dolce Vita”

I love buying eye palettes from brands I trust. It’s a no brainer in that it’s like a makeup 101 lesson. A curated combo of colours, I know that with the Luxury Palette eyeshadow Dolce Vita selection I have everything I need to create any look I want. I naturally tend toward copper tones, and I think with my skin and hair colour, the Dolce Vita complements my overall look. Velvety champagne and rich bronzes, I am obsessed with this quad.


The Cheek-to-Chic is the blusher palette that gives you that instant sheen. Capturing the light for the perfect glow, this highlighter/blush is part of the Pillow Talk collection I mentioned earlier… the one that’s always got long waiting lists… because it’s out of this world. Trust me, the gold flecks that are built into the powder speak for themselves.

Matte Revolution

“Pillow Talk”

A good, solid nude lip can take you from day to night, so I always have a tube in my purse. I love a colour that makes my lips appear fuller and wider, and once again, the Pillow Talk collection pulls through. The Matte Revolution lipstick in the Pillow Talk shade is lip-smacking perfection!

Rock ‘n’ Kôhl

“Marlene Midnight”

I often wear liner, sometimes a colour, sometimes a simple black line. Whether for drama or just to highlight what my mama gave me, a good liner goes a long way. I like a stick that glides across my lid for easy application, minimal effort is key because liner mistakes can cost you a complete eye-makeup redo! The Rock ‘n’ Kohl liner hydrates the skin while also defining the eye, need I say more?

Filmstar Bronze and Glow

I believe the power of every influencer is united on this front: the Filmstar Bronze & Glow contour palette is what dreams are made of! It sculpts and highlights, contours and covers, it’s basically the unicorn of bronzers. It comes in a combo palette for blending and is the perfect base for any makeup look. Golden highlighter with a sun-kissed bronzer, how can you go wrong? May I also draw your attention to the helpful words she engraved in case you forget which sculpts and which highlights? So thoughtful ;)

Airbrush Flawless Finish

This blush does not disappoint. The Airbrush Flawless Finish is a skin perfecting micro-powder that blurs away imperfection with one fell swoop (of a blush brush!). I can’t explain the cashmere finish, it’s just gentle and smooth and super, super soft.

Full Fat Lashes

“Glossy Black”

The Full Fat Lashes is a 5-in-1 mascara that delivers curls, volume, length, drama and separation (for that long wispy look). Charlotte Tilbury once said that when she was 13 years old, she discovered the power of mascara and never turned back. Like a magic wand, good mascara can transform the face, and the Full Fat Lashes Mascara is a best-selling mascara for exactly that reason! Coating each eyelash root-to-tip, your lashes will look like they’ve got extensions on, but in a weightless kind of way (lol!).

I’m sure you’ve already dabbled with some of the Charlotte Tilbury products, but if you haven’t tried her stuff then you kind of, sort of have to. Whether you are a makeup amateur who doesn’t know her bronzers from her blushes or a pro with a bunch of products you are already married to, trust me, once you try Charlotte Tilbury, there is no turning back.

Photography by Patricia Brochu