Nili Lotan: A Profile

Sometimes you just find a brand that fits like a glove; a brand where everything was created for your body. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Nili Lotan. When I first discovered Nili Lotan I was immediately drawn to the sumptuous fabrics , intricate designs, and luxuriously tailored cuts, but unbeknownst to me at the time, I was about to slip my legs into some of the most comfortable, form-fitting, beyond flattering pants… ever.


Nili Lotan is an Israeli-born, New York-based high fashion clothing designer. Launched in 2003, Lotan has a design philosophy not so dissimilar to my own: fashion should be an extension of the woman herself. Reflecting a sophisticated yet functional aesthetic, the Lotan lookbook offers women essential elements that she can put together to express her personal sense of style.


I get asked this question a lot and while researching Nili Lotan, I came to resolve that we are more aligned than I initially thought. How would you describe your fashion style? Like Lotan’s collections, my wardrobe is inspired by effortless and powerful; a balance of textures and fine materials coupled with minimalist and sexy accents. Finding one piece and then building my outfit from there, adding details, like something unique or distinct to make each look pop. 

Whenever I’m in New York city, I always make sure to etch in time to hit the flagship store in TriBeCa, but when I need a local fix, I run into TNT for a quick Lotan shopping spree. I put on my own personal fashion show and indulge in trying on as many items as possible, pairing outfits together for future events.

There are a few pieces that always make their way into the Lotan collection. One of my favourite (and essential) items is a classic cut called the Tel Aviv pant. I have them in a few fabrics and I love the way they fall on my body. It’s as though the silhouette were cut from a fit model my size (which we all know is most likely not the case!). Either way, they fit slim and straight leg and cropped ankle length (I may have hemmed mine, but that’s neither here nor there).

Another classic cut that has made its way into my weekly rotation (especially for vacations or events) is the laid back Maxwell pant. Drop crotch and super street, this pant still manages to scream feminine.

There is something about being a fashion icon that is just alluring to me – I look at women who have a signature look and the truth is, it takes an intense amount of self-awareness to really wear yourself from the inside-out. “A laid-back yet sophisticated” style is how Nili Lotan describes her personal style, and it’s just such an honest reflection of both how she dresses and the kind of woman she is.   

Ageless, timeless, and true to herself, Nili Lotan designs a collection she would wear as a real woman. Mother of three (check!), husband (check!), traveller (check!), career woman (check!), party girl (check!!); we truly do have a lot more in common than I could’ve ever known!


Lotan creates clothes that look fantastic, that’s obvious, but they function, they wear well, and they somehow are versatile across various fashion styles and body types. As someone who’s had a few body types in the last few years (thanks kids), I can tell you first-hand, these are your wear-with-all pants. The answer to all your pant problems! Buyers beware… Lotan is an addiction.

Photography by Patricia Brochu

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