My Fashion Week Metallic Trend

Fashion Week comes twice a year, and I can happily admit that about a month before Fashion Week hits, I start pulling inspiration and putting my looks together. I have close to half a dozen outfits I need to assemble and a ton of thought goes into everything from the micro outfit (think jewels, accessories, and hair style), to the macro (making sure I don’t double up on pieces or overlap on colours). A lot of hard work goes into prepping for Fashion Week, and this year is no exception.

So while it still may be summer, I’m thinking ahead to fall style. Scrolling through past photos to see who I’ve worn and what shows I’ve attended, I started seeing a few trends of my own emerge. I’m a huge fashion lover and as most of you know, there are a few brands that I am super aligned with when it comes to fit, look, fabric, and so on. But, there are also a few staples, regardless of the designer, that have come to be part of my own Fashion Week Look Book.

Every time I put my outfits together, I’ve noticed I tend toward the shiny metallic fabrics. I remember once, a while back, I believe fall Fashion Week 2017, I was in Paris and I rocked a laid back metallic midi skirt with an IRO bomber. I paired down the look with Golden Goose kicks, also trimmed with silver glitter. The colour scheme matched my skin tone perfectly, the neutral jacket picking up on my blonde hair, and the Proenza Schouler grey purse pulled the look together by adding contrastive hues.

Managing my portfolio to always feature a military look and an athleisure vibe, I always customize a look by pinning a brooch to my jacket, for example. I like to mix and match high with low end and I love to prance around in a pair of sneakers just as much as I love to strut in my heels. I go glam for certain shows and I go street for others, but I always keep it real. My personal sense of style always shines through, and I can safely say that that is due in large part to the fact that I know my the best cuts for my silhouette, I know the best colours for my palette, and I never shy away from tailoring  a piece so it fits perfectly to my body.


I loved my Zadig & Voltaire suit that I wore more recently at the New York Fashion Week 2019. The crinkled fabric, the perfect scarf, and that absolutely stunning Chanel bag… I threw on my sexiest pumps from Black Suede Studio and I instantly understood why they call it a power suit. I felt invincible. There is something so super confident about a woman in a suit. I loved the gun metal colour of the suit, it gave such depth to the look, so it made sense to pair with some navy, black, and then for the playful woman inside of me, some leopard. Don’t underestimate the power of pattern mixing!

Another throwback favourite that stands out is the Nili Lotan look from New York Fashion Wee 2017. It was fall, and in New York, September is still scorching hot, so the white Nili Lotan pant made perfect sense. The insanely high Fendi shoes and that sick YSL purse both added elements of glitz and glam, but it was that outstanding metallic bomber that really brought the outfit together for me.


I’m curating the perfect looks to represent the trends I believe are long-lasting along with some signature looks that have become part of my own repertoire. So this upcoming Fashion Week is kind of gonna be off the chain when I roll up in my classic metallic outfit – I’m just not sure where I’ll pull it from, but I’m as excited as you are to find out, lol! 

Photography by Patricia