Suetables: A Jewelry Pop Up

High-quality jewelry is always worth the investment, especially when the pieces are simply exquisite. Trendy pieces, classic staples, costume accessories and meaningful gifts, no matter which way you cut it, jewelry adds that certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. The past few seasons we’ve been seeing a subtle throwback to the 90s choker and a new take on the layer effect. I personally love the mix-and-match playfulness of it all, because as you all know, I love experimenting with fashion and I reserve all of my adventure for my wardrobe!

One of Toronto’s homegrown jewelry boutiques recently took the leap and popped up a shop here in Montreal. Since 2004, Sue Henderson, Suetables founder and designer has been creating original pieces to express her creativity after a long career in the TV industry as a PR director. Engraving and hand-stamping pieces as a way to personalize gifts was how it all got started, but it wasn’t long before Suetables took on a life of its own. With 3 stores (2 in TO and one in MTL), Suetables offers an original line of jewelry designs, product collaborations, and carries a range of often exclusive pieces that are aligned with their vision of and soulful creations.


From the very first time I walked into the boutique I knew they were onto something. The space is soft and welcoming and has such a great vibe. Jewelry is laid out everywhere and the visual is a sight for excited eyes. The silver is 925 sterling, the gold is solid, 14k dipped, or filled, and the quality is visibly great. There are a lot of pieces I immediately fell in love with, but I think it’s safe to say that the thing I love most about Suetables is the customizing and personalizing options they offer. Oh, and the fact that it’s done in real time so you can walk right out with your unique creation within minutes of purchasing.


I’m currently obsessed with the choker style, and I’m super into layering necklaces – I even started wearing more plunging necklines and loose blouses to make more real estate space available for chains, layers and charms.

The prices range, so there’s really something for everyone. It’s a great place to stop in for a gift, because I mean, who doesn’t love jewelry? Celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday, showing someone they are special to you, or just spoiling that really good friend for no reason whatsoever, jewelry is always the perfect present for any age. I got a few items for my kids and they felt so super special!

I love the Suetables concept, I just feel they hit the nail on the target with how accessible they make high-quality, luxurious and fashionable jewelry. I got a whole bunch of pieces – I engraved a few on the spot and added charms, pendants, and all kinds of cute accessories to make each piece one-of-a-kind.


Suetables also makes it a priority to help out with important causes, and their charity of choice is to help support the hopeful future of women in Cambodia. Oh, and they like to spread awareness that sterling silver is a recyclable material. I kind of love that!

Delicate, yet playful, Suetables necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are suitable for everyone! Lol! I couldn’t help myself!

Photography by Patricia Brochu