My Not-So-Secret Botox

I find that the more public I make my life, the more opportunity I give to the public to have opinions about me, about how I live my life, about the choices I make, and so on. I’ve developed a thick skin because of it, it’s the only way to survive. It’s hard, though, not caring what other people think, but the truth is, I’ve learned that the only way for me to be happy is to always express my true self, no matter how much my choices might offend people. Having said that, I’ve also nurtured a beautiful community of positivity and generosity through my work. Strangers share their gratitude and that has made me feel so fulfilled on a daily basis.

Why do I say all of this? Well, I get asked a lot about what work I’ve had done to my face. At first I was offended, because it felt like a very invasive question. But, upon further reflection, I decided that if I choose to share my life, then I can’t choose which parts I reveal and which parts I keep concealed. In the spirit of full transparency, I’m sharing my full anti-aging regimen, Botox, fillers, and all. 


The reason I decided to visit Michelle at Dr. Papanastasiou’s clinic is because I feel like I am not only so tired, but I am really starting to look it! I’m a 42-year-old mom of 3, which means that I never sleep! I work hard, I play hard, and I never rest. I felt as though time were catching up with my face, and after careful consideration, I decided that a little help wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I know that at one point the idea of Botox and fillers was super taboo. I guess people thought that aging gracefully was the way to go, but graceful and natural are not the same thing! We all use the help of something, whether it’s a medical-grade moisturizer, a little spray tan, hair dye… whatever your trick is, I’d say most of us are using the help of some third-party to maintain our youth or prevent the visible signs of aging.


I remember right after I had my son, who is now 3 years old – I had lost most of my baby weight and my cheeks started to have that sunken look. I had lost the natural collagen that keeps your cheeks plump, and I just didn’t recognize myself. As a personal choice to lift my spirits and my cheeks, I decided to get fillers. By enhancing what I naturally have, Michelle, the nurse that does my injections, adds a little volume back into my face while still tastefully preserving my features.


I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with Botox and fillers, and while I openly condone it, I also know that it’s still a controversial topic. That’s where Michelle’s extraordinary skill comes into play: she will never let me overinject an area for the risk that my face could begin to look swollen in all the wrong places. She always puts in just the right amount to make me look my best.

We inject Botox into my 11s, crow’s feet, lip lines, and forehead. We also inject fillers into my cheeks and maybe ¼ of a syringe into my lips. I am on a 5-month schedule that synchs up just in time for Fashion Week and Grand Prix.


I get asked all the time who does my “work” – and while I laugh at the term, because I’m hardly going under a knife for a procedure, I understand that people are curious about who does my injections, and every time I have a chance to boast about the great work Michelle does, I take it as an opportunity to demystify the stigma of injections. Botox and fillers are a social phenomenon; I’m not the only doing it, but I might be the only one honest enough to be open about it!

Photography by Patricia Brochu