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I recently discovered Footsie. It's an alternative & holistic health Spa where they practice reflexology, therapeutic massage, and shiatsu.  The place is beautiful and peaceful, just walking in is relaxing!  

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The staff is friendly and qualified. I particularly like George and Angel.   They offer 30 minute foot massages, which is a great option if you dont have the time to get undressed or deal with smudged mascara or oil in your hair!  How great is that !?!  Its like having a power nap in the middle of the day, you feel rested and refreshed.  What is also great about the place is the prices, that 30 minutes in heaven is only 30$.

I'm a big fan and try to visit weekly visit for some "ME" time.


Add 20$ for head, shoulders and hands massage on a chair ( 20 minutes).  

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The Hammam/shiatsu massage package is also a winner.  

For a cool date night or girls night out you can reserve the V.I.P. room, where you can relax with your loved one in a private room, choose your music, enjoy a cocktail and some food while getting a reflexology treatment.


Mademoiselle Jules


615 de Maisonneuve W, Montreal

Quebec, H3A 1L8

(514) 845-5888

open every day 11 a.m.-9p.m.

footsie reflexology mademoiselle jules mlle



What is Reflexology?…as of late that word has been on people’s lips in Montreal.  It sounds a bit mysterious and maybe ticklish or painful.  Some of us are just not sure what to think of it!? 

I am here to demystify a little and hopefully inspire you to try a reflexology treatment.  Once you do, I think you’ll wonder why you’ve not made it a healthy habit sooner! 

Reflexology is mostly associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine but is actually thousands of years old with proof of being practiced on Egyptian cave walls. Many people often turn their noses up at holistic medicine because they feel there are no scientific facts alluding to the effectiveness of these treatments. The question remains, “How has reflexology managed to stand the test time and of change?”

So where to begin, reflexology is a holistic treatment, it treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit meaning the physical and emotional state of the person and their lifestyle.  The body is treated as a whole with the understanding that when one system is out of order, every other system is affected.


It’s aim is to bring the body back to it’s personal balance by inducing relaxation naturally allowing the body to heal itself instead of depending on the external to improve it.   

When going for an appointment as a newcomer to this style of treatment, you will be  explained that the body is divided by meridians and every body part (structural, muscular and/or organ) that happens to be in the path of said meridian, will have the reflexes of those body parts at the feet.  Trained therapists will have the knowledge to gage how healthy each section of the foot is and can effectively work on the body through pressure applied to the reflexes, hence the word reflexology. 

The treatment itself is great for detoxifying the body and supports the protection of the immune system. It aids in increasing blood, lymph and energetic circulation.  Reflexology is great for everyone, young and old and can help with a myriad of issues but best of all it is preventative.  So if you feel minor issues coming on, it will do you more good than harm to try a session or two or three or more!  I would definitely recommend it for stress and anxiety as well as for people with digestive and sleep issues.

Think of me when you book your first appointment as the first of many and I welcome you to send me your feedback!

Miss Lunaveda, Ayurvedic practitioner



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Photography by Patricia Brochu