Beatrice: An Urban Oasis

Montreal is known for many great things, but two stand outs are the hot night life and the incredible food (two worlds I’ve been involved in for the better part of my life!). Every year new restaurants hit the scene and when something is good in this city, everyone flocks! Very few restaurants stand the test of time, so when I say that this restaurant is legit on of Montreal’s greatest and has been for over two decades, I can say so with absolute certainty.

What makes a restaurant a hit? Obviously the food needs to be great. Friendly service helps. Trendy or interesting décor, something that sets them apart from the mundane is an added bonus. But, how about a restaurant that has a seasonally-based market-to-table Italian/Mediterranean menu, first-class service that turns your meal into an experience, and décor that transports you to an open-air Miami vibe, complete with twinkling lights and grassy walls? It’s one of the easiest statements I can make: Beatrice is one of Montreal’s finest and most glamorous restaurants.

beatrice room

Beatrice has been around for over 20 years, and although they have an ever-evolving menu the food is consistently incredible. Always pushing boundaries to make each meal a gastronomical adventure, Beatrice is serious A+.

I’ve made a tradition out of going to Beatrice every year for my birthday. I go alone with my husband or sometimes we invite friends, and no matter who is at the table with us, I always know a ton of people in the room. It’s such a cozy, warm atmosphere; to walk into a room and feel like you are amongst family. Where else can you get that?


Located in the Golden Square Mile, Beatrice, for those who haven’t been yet, has a one-of-a-kind terrace in a city as extreme weather-wise as Montreal. In the summer, you can dine al fresco as they recently renovated and introduced a retractable roof. And, in the winter (or the fall or spring if those seasons even exist here!) the terrace still feels like you’re outside with starry lights dangling overhead and warm night candles flickering tabletop (you know how much I love a nice candle!).


So many milestone events have been celebrated in either their restaurant, upstairs in their venues (they’ve got two), or at home catered by their outstanding team. From a good friend who had his 40th there, my mother’s 60th, my husband’s work events, my birthdays… I mean the list goes on. Beatrice always hits it out of the park and everyone leaves delightfully satisfied.

lasagna thing.jpg
pasta shrimp.jpg

I could go through the menu but it speaks for itself. Quite honestly, it’s hard to describe the succulence and deep flavour of so many of their signature dishes. You can go hard and try something different like grilled octopus and striped bass tartar, squid ink and braised veal cheeks, or you can stay classic and have the filet mignon, organic chicken, or one of their authentic, homemade pasta dishes. I’ve tried almost everything and it’s all amazing… don’t even get me started on dessert #mmm


If you visit the Beatrice website you’ll see that they call themselves an urban oasis – I could not have put it better myself – a veritable paradise at the heart of our city, Beatrice is one of my favourite restaurants of all time.

julie and floor manager.jpg

Next time you dine at Beatrice, for lunch, dinner, or a special event, let me know your thoughts!

Buon Appetito!

Photography by Patricia Brochu