A recap of the best styles from NYFW 2018

Last season, I attended NY Fashion Week and had the privilege of seeing firsthand what the newest and hottest trends would be for the upcoming year. Well, a few months later, it’s captivating to see how trends from accessories to styles like monochromatic looks make it from the runway into our closets.

We know the influence of major fashion houses far extend past innovating cuts or playing with fabrics. As the infamous Miranda Priestly taught us in The Devil Wear Prada, “This stuff? Oh, ok, I see. You think this has nothing to do with you. When in fact, you’re wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room.” You couldn’t be more right, Miranda. Sitting first row at the Greta Constantine fashion show or simply walking the city streets, you get such an incredible sense of the boundless possibilities of the fashion worlds. Some of the styles were so completely out there, yet so intricately put together. Looking back at some of the outfits, I can see the origin of our now fully integrated fashion styles.

Here is a recap of the 5 fashion trends that are now a part of our everyday style:


Fendi brought this furry little friend back as a fashionable purse accessory and people went wild. It was such a simple touch, but by adding a pompom from Lysa Lash Furs, I splashed some colour to a blocked or structured bag. I love any opportunity to personalize my accessories with more accessories! The trend quickly moved into hats, earrings, and shoes. Evolving into clothing, pompoms are making their appearance on sweaters and jean cuffs, and fur is staying strong in terms of stoles and scarves.


Arm candy has always been fashionable, from the original gummy bracelets in the 80s and now with the immaculately curated Cartier bangle collection. Bangles have always been a thing, but now, stacking a mix of metals and beads, high-end and costume is a trend that has hit the masses. I change things up often and break out variations depending on the outfit. Also, by adding a touch of sparkle, either to your wrist or lapel, you have the opportunity to customize your look and stand out.

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I have some friends who have been rocking the all-black look since the beginning of time, so the monochromatic look isn’t necessarily a new trend per se. However, the way they’ve been showing the look on the runway and how it’s been incorporated into my closet is one notch above a throwback. I put together my looks based on my mood. Even if I prepare ahead of time, I’ll make last-minute changes or additions depending on how I’m feeling that day. Fashion for most us is a vehicle of self-expression, but beyond that, the colours I choose have become a way for me to match how I’m feeling on the inside. I’ve been rocking all-green looks or accessorizing in pink head-to-toe based on the vicissitude of my mood. My lookbook can sometimes reveal more about my life than my journal! When I go all monochrome, I like to play with textures and fabrics. The element I bring in to add layers and depth to the palette come through my accessories, like a Wristpop for example. All blue with a tightly woven tone-one-tone blue pop around my blue purse. Yes please!


Suffice to say that I have multiple teddy coats. In order to withstand Canadian winters we must cover up every inch of our bodies, and the teddy is the most stylish way to do so. I love this look because it is the perfect way to basically wear a blanket outside! Lol! Ok, in all seriousness, of course there are the goose-stuffed jackets and thermal innovations that far exceed the teddy in terms of warmth, but none are as stylish. I love adding a brooch to fancy it up a touch.


Some of us have always been playful with our nail art, but that’s exactly it: it used to be cutting-edge to sport blue or green nails. Now, everything is acceptable! It’s less about having the one finger painting differently than the rest. It’s about the creamy, lush colours that match our outfits. Bye-bye to the days when I would just wear black all winter!

Fashion month is on its way, and I’ll be attending New York Fashion Week again this year. I’m excited to see how fashion has evolved yet again and which trends stood the test of time. Stay tuned for new looks from 2019!

Photography by Patricia Brochu