Super Bowl Sunday

Almost every year we host our friends for Super Bowl and have a crazy, fun-packed day. Some of us are super into the game and get really involved, while others (aka me) just hang tight until the half-time show. We always have a ton of food, lots to drink, and a super laid back, good time. It’s an event I love to host and look forward to it every year. But this year, we’re skipping town, so we won’t be watching with friends, but we will still be watching… Go Patriots!

My family is headed up north for some much needed R & R after the big move. Life has gotten so hectic these last few weeks, between kids being sick, packing up my old house, unpacking my new one, and getting ready for New York Fashion Week – I just need to get away from it all and tune out. But trust me, I will definitely tune back in when Maroon 5 hits the stage! Is it just me or are every one of their songs your next favourite song!?


 So even though I’m not hosting this year, I still put together a sample menu of what would be on tap at a typical SBS chez moi. I called up my incredible friend/photographer Patricia Brochu (@patriciabrochuphotographe) to grab some images she’s shot of staple food items from around town. She’s got such a great talent that I thought I’d pay tribute to her hard work and showcase some of my favourite flavours through her photography!

A little background? Patricia has been working with me since the beginning of time, capturing my every look and just generally being there by my side throughout my entire journey. We’re off to New York Fashion Week together next week (stay tuned!). We’ve cultivated such a close bond, I’m so extremely thankful for her collaborative effort on every shoot. From creativity and artistic ability to producing unique shot after shot no matter what the task is, she is a real gem! So, while I rant and rave about how she’s great with my fashion pics, she also works as a food photographer (@luvmtlfood) for some pretty landmark places in the city – Joverse, La Société, Fitzroy, and so many more.

So back to the big game… Here are my must-have Super Bowl Sunday staples:

I’m a huge fan of wings, especially when my hubby’s cooking. It’s such a simple finger food, but it’s perfect for game day. Also, such a crowd pleaser. You can order ahead and get an array of dipping sauces so that there is something for everyone. These are from Fitzroy, and um, yeah… so is the macaroni and hot dog grilled cheese! Yes please!

Whether it’s hummus and crackers, chips and salsa, veggies and dip, it’s always great to have little snackables. If you have a few people coming over or you’re hosting a large crowd, you can never go wrong with dips! The more the merrier. This hummus and pita is Joverse, but you can order from anywhere, grab from the grocery store, or play chef and make some at home. It’s super easy!

 Almost too obvious to even say it, but pizza is such an easy go-to choice for Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I don’t care much for the fast food joints. I always opt for a more classic pizza pie. I’ve tried a bunch around the city and while so many are outstanding and super authentic, very few stand the test of transportation. Try to order from somewhere close to your place – it makes a world of difference. Pizzeria no 900 travels well ;) Trust me. They also make these lovely charcuterie plates which are a great app. They go well with whatever you’re serving and really hit the spot when you’re drinking ;)


I am obsessed with fish tacos. So many elements and flavours – yet everything works so well together. So, of course you can order from a whole bunch of places in Mtl, we have amazing taco restos, but these are homemade! Yes, I can cook! haha! I make these a lot because they really work for family-style meals, and so obviously they work perfectly for game day. You could set up a station so people can build their own, or you can pre-make them and stack them up for a quick grab ‘n go. Either way, everyone loves fish tacos!


I’d say any dessert would do: fruit, cookies, cake, ice cream… But, the truth is, it’s the year of the donut, so Super Bowl would not be complete without donuts! Joverse makes some seriously outstanding donuts complete with a variety of trimmings, but any donut (here’s looking at you DoughNats!) will do. Deep fried, baked, large, mini, chocolate, maple… just give me a donut!

Whether you’re watching with friends or home alone with family, we know where everyone across North America will be this Sunday: parked in front of their TV cheering on their favourite team/waiting for Maroon 5! We all know there’s a football lover in me, I didn’t spend 4 years cheerleading for our home team without learning a thing or two about the sport. So pass me the remote and throw me a slice of pizza, ‘cause I’m about to nuzzle up to my hubby and kids all Sunday afternoon!

Go Pats Go!

Photography by Patricia Brochu