My Guerlain Must-Haves

I recently had the opportunity to sit in the famous Maxime Poulin’s makeup chair. Known for his crazy talent and the amazing work he does with celebrity faces for Guerlain, he was in Montreal and gave me a personalized makeup coaching session on the best products and colours for my face, how to apply what and where – I really got to learn some of the industry secrets, which was so much fun!

 Ever since, I’ve been addicted to some of the Guerlain products he used on me. I’ve also immersed myself in some deep research about the company and how their products are developed. Guerlain is one of beauty culture’s most established brands; daring and innovative, yet timeless and classic, they’ve been around since 1828 (that’s almost 2 centuries!!), so it’s safe to say that they’ve perfected their makeup blends and skincare products, which means, we have the luxury of walking into any Guerlain boutique and knowing that whatever we grab will be stamped with the beauty queen’s seal of approval.

This coming March (2019), Ogilvy’s Montreal will be opening a Guerlain spa. YES! As an anticipatory ode to one of my favourite brands, here are my top 5 (narrowed down) Guerlain must-haves:



A youth boosting oil, the Abeille Royale serum replumps, smooths, and illuminates the skin with exclusive and all powerful Guerlain blends. They’ve come up with a revolutionary formula that combines the richness of oil with the freshness of lotion created from the all-natural and extraordinary properties of honey. After ten years of extensive research, Guerlain has scientifically proven the effectiveness of bee products in boosting the skin's repair mechanisms, chiefly ironing out wrinkles and firming up lost tone and elasticity. The Abeille Royale hydrates the skin leaving it radiant and luminous.

Pro Tip: rub 2-3 drops on the face and neck with fisted hands – rotate your hands in a gentle circular motion all over to stimulate muscles and increase tone and firmness (get that blood circulating!)



I love this perfume, especially the Mandarine Basilica scent. It reminds me of being in the park (having a picnic with my hubby, not playing in the playground!), relaxing on a blanket, watching the scenery. It has such an elegant aroma of sparkling citrus with notes of green tea and basil. Such a creative and unique fragrance, yet kind of nostalgic in a way that brings you back to a time or place (smells can do that). I love when a perfume can infuse so many elements in just one (bee-capped) bottle. The Aqua Allegoria truly showcases the raw ingredients and smells so natural.

Pro Tip: The Aqua Allegoria makes an amazing gift for hosts, housewarming, or just a nice thank you!




Les Météorites light revealing powder is both beautiful and highly functional. Redesigned for Guerlain's 190th anniversary, they revamped it with new Limited Edition colour palette. The Electric Pearls palette is comprised of 4 iridescent pearls to create and correct the perfect halo that works with your complexion. Of course I love the way it looks on me and how feels when I brush the soft powder onto my skin, but you know me, I’m a sucker for a beautiful decor and these pearls look so stunning on my makeup counter, adding just the right touch of colour to room.

Pro Tip: Highlight the curved areas of the face – Draw a line down the centre of your face from the middle of the forehead to your chin and then across your cheekbones.



Getting that perfect lash, curl, volume, and colour, is nearly impossible with just one mascara. I typically blend a few different mascaras to create a layered and voluptuous look. However, when Maxime Poulin showed me how to use the Cils D’enfer, I was blown away. This wand packs a lot of heat – and it’s long-lasting. I get curves and deep black pigment every time.

 Two tips:

For a doe eye – apply the Maxi Lash vertically from root to tip and emphasize the middle lashes (to create a big and open eye)

For a cat eye – place the Maxi Lash wand at the root and pull out toward the temple wisping your lashes with every stroke. Apply several coats to boost volume and intensify the look.



Bronzers beware: The Guerlain Terracotta Light bronzer gives that deep and healthy sun glow without the unhealthy sunrays. Yes, please! A natural-looking tan in less than 3 seconds, plus it lasts up to 8 hours. The Terracotta is a light powder blend enriched with vibrant colours to simulate a natural multi-coloured skin tone so your look won’t fall flat. I wear this all winter long, and even sometimes when I’m tanned from vacation (or throughout the summer), just to even out my face.

Pro Tip: Draw a 3 from forehead to chin with a light coat of the bronzer. Don’t forget the neck! Evenly blend the bronzer down the neck and behind the ears to avoid streaks or abrupt changes in skin colour.

There’s nothing I love more than finding the perfect skincare/beauty company that is an all-in-one, like a one-stop shop for all my beauty essentials. Of course I love getting my staples from a variety of places and I don’t mind shopping at a bunch of different stores to get what I love, but if I can just grab everything I love from one place, it’s Guerlain every time.

photography by Patricia Brochu