From one mother to another!
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Mother’s Day (Which should be everyday if you ask me)

Let me begin by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the happy yet exhausted, proud yet overwhelmed, bursting with love for their children yet wanting them to leave you alone for just one damn second mothers out there. Today is your day! And with this glorious day upon us, I thought I would share with you my top ten tips to keeping it together as best you can all day everyday.  If you follow my Instagram Story you might be familiar with a few of these tips.

Keep in mind that these are tips and tricks that I do solely for myself to remain organized and on top of things because we all know that if your priorities are in order, tasks become simpler. Or at least they should. 

From one mother to another !

Tip #1 or The Night Before:

My hot water with half a lemon (which helps kickstart the digestion process for the day) is made the night before and stays on my night table so I can drink it first thing in the morning without going down to the kitchen, BUT before you bring that hot water in a thermos up for the night, make your kid’s lunches and prepare your own snacks for the next day (consider that tip 1B)

Tip #2 or I love You Dry Shampoo:

This one is dedicated to all the members of the dry shampoo squad. Dry shampoo is our secret weapon. Mornings are a time-crunch battlefield, so I use dry shampoo when I need to skip a hair washing session and lord knows we all have those days (mother or not) when life happens and your hair is dirty AF!! Shoutout to topknots and braids for also serving as “bad hair day” hacks. My favourite is the natural shade with oat milk from Klorane.

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Tip #3 or Quick Skin Care That Works:

Since becoming a mother, the word quick has become a word I use everyday and not just for getting my kids ready and out the door, but for all things packed into my schedule, so thank you Karine Joncas for your express daily routine which consists of 4 easy to use and very effective products to maintain a healthy and radiant glow day after day. For more info, check out my latest post from April 27th.

Tip # 4 or Makeup On The Go:

My husband designed a beautiful makeup station complete with lights that go all the way around just like the professionals and I love it! But do I use it? No. Not during the week that’s for sure cause I am the queen of doing my makeup in my car at red lights, or during my daughter’s dance classes, which I’ve already written, but when I'm behind the wheel, I always find myself popping my visor down for that trusted mirror. In the end I’m not sure if this is a safe tip due to me using sharp objects aimed at my eyes while stopped at a light in my car, but a tip nonetheless that could be helpful. This also brings me to number 5 and 6 cause it has to do with cars.

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Tip # 5 or Healthy Eating In Your Car:

In the mornings, I have time to drink my lemon water but I DO NOT have time to sit comfortably at my dining room table leisurely eating my breakfast. That stopped the minute my first child was born. What I do recommend is bringing all you need with you inside your car and consume when you can. I drink my coffee during school drop off, then my smoothie while running errands and finally my salad later on in the day. I also keep bars and nuts in my purse just in case. This routine keeps me from buying food that might not be the healthiest choice because I waited too long to eat.

Tip # 6 or My OOTD Everyday:

I enjoy working out and not because I have baby number three weight to lose, but because of the health benefits, the socializing, and the me time. With that being said, my OOTD everyday is workout clothes. Ah trusted workout gear, how convenient you are and so easy to wear all day before, during, and after your sweat session. I am fortunate to be a Lululemon Ambassador and sporting their clothes has become my uniform. So gimme an Amen if it has become your uniform too. In all black of course!!!

Tip # 7 or Is this Your Trunk or a Closet?

Once I leave the house, I rarely have time to go back so I always have a change (or two or three) of clothes in the trunk of my car (yes, I know, my car again) in case I have a photoshoot or event cause as comfy and stylish as workout gear has become, it can only take you so far.

Tip # 8 or Serenity Now!

Please, for your sanity, make yourself a kickass playlist during morning drop off routine and afternoon carpools. There really is no need to listen to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat every single day.  Plus, good music makes me happy :-) 

Tip # 9 or Hooray for Help:

Every week I order my groceries online and it is a lifesaver. Enough said. I am also subscribed to GoodFood which is a very easy and efficient way to make dinner for you and your family. I could write an entire post about GoodFood, but this is not what this post is about so I urge you to take a few minutes to check out their website. If you have time of course!

Tip # 10 or Learn To Delegate:

I am extremely fortunate to have a caring and loyal support system which consists of my mom and my nannies (yup, I have more than one nanny so no judgement please) and with these trustworthy people surrounding me, I have learnt to delegate. This might be the most important tip of all because you can’t do it all. And that is the truth and it is more than okay to admit it. The secret to being a better mother is the help of others.

So there you have it! The inside scoop to my everyday life and how I manage it. Oh yeah, one last piece of advice for your couple and your friendships because they exist too. Sometimes you gotta suck it up and push yourself past the exhaustion and the aching muscles and the literal laundry list of laundry to do and make the time for your husband and friends to let out some steam and enjoy your grownup life. It’s also nice to dress up on occasion so my hubby can see me in real clothes instead of just in pictures cause you all know that the minute I get home, it’s pyjama city! 

Happy Mother’s day!!

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Photography by Patricia Brochu